Nuisance: Tues 7/26: Reviewing DNC day one: “I was told to be a good girl. It’s heartbreaking.” [Timestamped highlights]

Liz Maratea, New Jersey delegate, and Jeff review DNC day one and the upcoming roll call.

Highlights in this video

0:40: “It’s not a convention, it’s a four day long Hillary Clinton party.”

1:45-6:15: “They’re not interested in listening.”

Jeff: “The Democratic Party is so-called ‘for everyone’ and ‘listens to everyone’, ‘listens to the little guy’, but there’s no interest in changing it from a coronation. They don’t want to hear from the little guy, they just want to coronate Hillary Clinton…’Coronate’, is that the right term?

…They’re not interested in listening. And they’re actively trying to suppress that, by holding signs in front of us and…threatening credentials–”

Liz: “Throwing hats.”

Jeff: “Throwing hats?”

Liz: “My hat was taken from my head and thrown like a frisbee from Maine to Illinois last night.”

Jeff: “That is a really long distance.” Smiles.

Liz: “[Whoosh sound with a throwing gesture.] Winged it. I was kicked at on the stairs, people trying to trip me. I was kicked out on the floor, people trying to trip me. I was shoved, people jabbed me in the stomach during Michelle Obama’s speech when she hit us(?) with her ‘Hillary Clinton isn’t angry or disillusioned’ comment. ‘That one got you in the stomach, didn’t it?’ Knuckled me right in the ribs.”



Jeff: “Would those people say you provoked them?”

Liz: “I was standing there watching the stage. I was standing, I was holding my ‘Michelle’ sign.”

3:12: Jeff: “I didn’t personally experience any of that kind of stuff. I wasn’t there when it happened. What I can say is, there is a lot of disrespect and…disgust that we were there to begin with.”

Liz: “We were asked, ‘Why are you here? Why did you even come here? Go home.’ Being treated like [we were] Republicans.”

Jeff: “They just want us to be quiet and let them have their party. So I’ve decided personally, instead of complaining there, I’m complaining to the people who are interested in hearing them, which is you guys [points to the camera].”

Liz: “I was really excited to register as a Democrat when I was 18. I couldn’t wait. I was born to be a liberal. Born to be a Democrat.

I don’t feel welcome here. I walk around breakfast [in the hotel] and ask if I can sit down, and it’s like Forrest Gump on the school bus [everyone covers the empty seats with her hands]…

I have not directly engaged in any arguments. If they really wanted to unite the party, they would have spoken to all of us. We’re not speaking to us. They’re telling us–I was so told so many times last night to behave myself. I was told to be a good girl. How my supposed to feel about that? I’m 31 years old. This is the fourth election I’m voting in. The fifth one I’m involved in. It’s heartbreaking.”

6:15: Ivan: “I was a little disappointed that Bernie didn’t do a mic drop, saying, ‘Guys, I’m kidding, it’s a contested convention.’ “

It was a long day on the floor, let me tell you. I was there 330 to 1130. Ran out of food, but the speeches were good. I was a little disappointed that Bernie didn’t do a mic drop, saying, ‘Guys, I’m kidding, it’s a contested convention.’…

Before this convention, people felt that when he endorsed Hillary two weeks ago, that he gave up on us. But the thing is, if we trusted Bernie up until the endorsement…we can’t stop trusting him now. He started a revolution, he is the face of that revolution, he understands that. But the revolution needs more than just one guy…

He’s bringing that up to us and saying, ‘Yeah, we need a call to arms of other people to take over this revolution, and continue it in the fight. I will still be here because I’m going to hold everyone accountable.’

9:15: Liz: “He [Bernie] can’t make people fall in line. The problem is the DNC made this mess and they’re making him clean it up.”

11:25: Michelle: “I did not wear any Bernie gear because I did not want to be treated badly. That was my assumption, and I was sad to learn that it was right.”

Michelle McFadden-DiNicola, New Jersey delegate From Highland Park New Jersey.

This is my first convention and I stressed a little bit about it. I wore some neutral gear [yesterday at the first day of the convention]. I did not wear any Bernie gear [because] I did not want to be treated badly. That was my assumption, and I was sad to learn that I was right. That people were being mistreated.

So I’m feeling a little disheartened about the calls for unity. I know that’s coming from Bernie and that it’s sincere, but I don’t feel that it’s being taken seriously…by Hillary supporters…

They still are viewing us as a nuisance. And being treated like a nuisance, I was emboldened today to show up with more Bernie gear than ever. Because if they are going to treat me as a nuisance anyway, then I might as well show my support.

The bus arrives at the Wells Fargo Center. Specifically on Pattison Avenue, directly between the Wells Fargo Center and FDR Park.

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