Nuisance: Tues 7/26: NJ Bernie delegation meeting with superdelegate John Wisniewski: New Jersey doesn’t protest like other states. New Jersey is “better than that”. [Timestamped highlights]

New Jersey Bernie delegation meeting with NJ superdelegate John Wisniewski. Immediately after roll call voting.

39:25-51:00: Pre-speech

39:25: “DWS got a promotion after we found out that she rigged the election. What does that say about us and as a party?”

Richard MacFarlane, New Jersey delegate and my hotel roommate.

“I’m really disappointed that DWS got a promotion after we found out that she rigged the election. What does that say about us and as a party?”

Jeff: “You voted for Bernie right?”

“Yes I definitely voted for Bernie.”

Jeff: “High-five.”

41:30: Bertin Lefkovic, New Jersey delegate and my whip, explains what a whip is.

“Someone who passes information between the campaign in a delegation. But I haven’t been getting much information.”

45:00: My vote for Hillary Clinton is “100% anti-Trump.”

Ben Silva, Bernie delegate from Essex County New Jersey.

51:15-55:10: John Wisniewski speech: New Jersey doesn’t protest like other states. New Jersey is “better than that”.

Tonight is going to be an opportunity to show our support for Senator Sanders. By vote totals, and by cheering, and by applauding. But you all saw the email that the senator sent out. And the call, ultimately, as we get to the end of this convention, and ultimately election day, is to have a unified party.

And so it’s going to be up to us in New Jersey–and we can’t control what happens elsewhere–but it’s going to be up to us in New Jersey to acquit ourselves well, to show our support for Senator Sanders.

But you know, you’ve seen what some of the other delegations like California were doing yesterday. I think we’re better than that. I think that our behavior yesterday was great. There were people yesterday that were behind us, and I don’t know what it was about, but they had taped over their mouth and they said they were silenced. Masking tape over their mouth’s. I’d like to figure out what that was about. But that’s not New Jersey.

Jeff: “We need to be unified, but we don’t necessarily have to be happy about it. Doesn’t mean we should boo, but…”

Right. Listen. In accordance with what Senator Sanders said, you are all free to express yourself as you wish. Cast your votes as you wish. Say what you wish. But there’s a boundary line in terms of decorum. And what Senator Sanders is saying, let’s act responsible. Let’s be respectful.

Again, I know that there are a number of members of this delegation and nationally in Sanders’ camp, who are not entirely thrilled about where we are headed. The alternative is really scary. It’s really dangerous. And we have to make sure that we keep that in mind. Because, you know, ultimately, American political elections for president come down to a dichotomy. We have to keep that in mind. That it’s not her, it’s him.

As much as we wanted Senator Sanders to be the one accepting the nomination tonight, Having ‘that guy from New york’ take the oath of office in January of next year is, I think, a consequence that none of us could really accept in the long term. It would be devastating for all of the progressive values that we support.

And the other thing is that…the goal after this election is over is, we have a nationwide grassroots movement. 8 million individual contributions of $27, from people never involved in the political process, across the nation and in New Jersey, who are now energized about progressive values.

We need to keep that progressive movement alive. And what we can do through the close of this convention, but also after the convention and through the election, is make sure that people understand that we do support those progressive values. That the fight doesn’t end with this convention. It doesn’t end with this election. Because there’s only so much that can be done in one election season.

We’re going to continue to have that same agenda, about making sure kids aren’t crippled with student loan debt, that there’s pay equality between men and women. That people have a living wage. That we un-rig the financial system, and the list goes on.

We are all smart enough to know that this is all not going to happen between now and November. Some of it can happen shortly there after. A lot of it is going to take some more work.

58:05: My response to Wisniewski’s “not knowing what the tape over the mouth is about”

Jeff: “This would be a lot easier if there was some…there was less just outright celebration, ‘Oh, we’re so happy about Hillary’, and just some acknowledgement of–we have some serious issues and publicly acknowledging that. And it has–that tape across the mouth, is that feeling of we’re just not being listened to. That is the feeling of all of this party party party, with all of this suffering throughout the stadium.”

1:00:10-1:01:45: The next battleground in the political revolution is New Jersey.

Bert discusses running for local office in New Jersey in 2017, that this is the next battleground for the political revolution. He list specific positions.

1:04:45: Lessons from the Dean Campaign from 2004

“We must continually search for good local candidates”

1:06:00: Peter Jacobs, New Jersey delegate and the only Berniecrat candidate in New Jersey in the general this year.

“When you guys go home Friday morning, Thursday night, the political revolution stays alive. Because our campaign is heading to the general election as the first Bernie Sanders Democrat–and the only one–going to the general in New Jersey in November.”

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