Nuisance: Sat 7/23: “Let us in!” – Bernie delegates shut out of “completely open, public, and democratic” rules committee. [Timestamped highlights]

(Specific highlights from this video are below.)

I’m packing for the DNC, planning on leaving the next morning, Sunday the 24th, at 11 AM. I’m texting with Kitty Snyder for something unrelated. Kitty is a delegate and super volunteer for Bernie Sanders in Pennsylvania. After a while she says to me

> They’re being dicks at the rules committee.
> Not letting delegates in.

I thought she was watching something online. But then she sent this picture, making it clear that she was actually there, at the Convention Center.

(The “Convention Center” is different than the Wells Fargo Center, where the convention is actually being held; The convention center is in Center City, where many secondary events and conferences are being held; the Wells Fargo Center is in South Philly, a few miles down Broad Street).

Kitty had never live streamed before, and I taught her how to do it within a few texts. This was Citizens’ Media TV‘s first DNC video of the week, and it was viewed by more than 50,000 people, and “reached” almost 400,000 people (meaning those who saw it in their newsfeeds).

Delegates got in line at 11, for a meeting that started at 1pm, and stayed until 4:30. As of 8:30, the meeting was still on going.

Highlights from this video:

The first nine minutes: Setting the stage

People describe the basics of what’s going on, the tone is set, Barney Frank passes by and gets an earful, we hear the initial chants:

– “open the doors! Louder!”
– “Down with TPP!”
– “Find a bigger room!”
– “Shame on the DNC, I don’t see no unity!”

The meeting is supposedly “open to the public”, but delegates are being told that it is now only open to those with credentials–but delegates do not receive their credentials until Monday morning at their state-hotels. There’s also speculation that the meeting is being held in one of the smaller rooms in the Convention hall, despite there being many empty rooms much larger in size.

There’s also speculation that Hillary supporters were allowed in, and since it is a voice vote, despite only those on the platform committee being allowed to vote, The voices of those supporters are also counted.

30:13-32:35: Update from Bernie rules committee member

A Sanders rules committee member gives an update from the inside.

54:15-1:04:55: “Attention!”

Someone with a megaphone says, “Attention: we are streaming in room 121”. But Bernie supporters shout him down with, “Let us in!”.

“Why won’t you go and watch the live stream?”

“Because we’re not here to watch TV. We’re here to participate in the democratic process.”

1:08:20-1:13:30: Heated argument.

Hillary supporter: “We’re not angry, but yelling about superdelegates is not going to change the system. You want to change the rules, you need to abide by the rules.”

Bernie supporter: “We RSVP-d to this event and they purposefully picked one of the smallest rooms to exclude everybody from it.”

Bernie supporter: “We are asking to be included in the conversation”

Hillary supporter: “You’re not asking, you’re demanding.”

Bernie supporter: “You’re damn right where demanding, this is a democracy. That’s how we got a republic. It was a revolution.”

Hillary supporter: “You people don’t know the rules.”

Bernie supporter: “We are here to change the rules.”

Hillary supporter: “One of them knew the rules and played by the rules and won by the rules. The other didn’t know the rules.”

Hillary supporter?: “I voted for the guy, I donated money to his campaign, and he lost. It’s time to move forward. The system is win or lose, someone’s going to lose. Bernie lost, Hillary one. Time to move forward.”

Hillary supporter: “You can’t accommodate–what, 13 million people?–Who gets sore feelings when their candidate loses. you can’t just say ‘Aw, I’m sorry you’re upset. We’re going to change on everything because you’re upset.'”

Bernie supporter: “You read the Wikileaks and you’re still with her?”

Hillary supporter: “We read all the Wikileaks last night.”

Bernie supporter: “Oh you read all of them. All 20,000 of them. And you’re still with her. Good for you.”


Kind older lady from Texas who is a Bernie supporter and I believe on the rules committee, gives a nice breeze description of what’s going on.


Nuisance: Sun 24: Controversy and confusion about Monday’s private meeting with Bernie Sanders and his entire DNC delegation.

Confusion and controversy about Bernie Sanders speaking to his delegation. Fear that going could cause delegates to miss the opening gavel, and therefore being taken advantage of in the same fashion as happened at the Nevada state Democratic convention.

(The “expected start time” in Nevada was 10 AM, but the first vote actually happened at 9:30 AM, before many Bernie Sanders delegates were in the room. This resulted in, among other things, “Roberta’s rules” being implemented, which resulted in many decisions being made against Bernie delegates throughout the convention.)

Originally the conference time (“delegate event”) was at 2 o’clock in Center City, and opening gavel is at the Wells Fargo Center at 3 o’clock in South Philly. I am from Philadelphia. It is simply not possible to get 1,900 delegates from the center of town (the “Convention Center” is at 11th and Arch–which is not where the DNC proper is held) to the Wells Fargo Center in a single hour. And this assumes that Bernie Sanders does not speak at all during this 2 o’clock event.

It turns out that the opening gavel was changed to 4 o’clock. Despite this, there was still skepticism part of some delegates. Ultimately, the delegate event changed to 12:30, which alleviated most of the concerns.

California delegate Melissa and I discuss this during the private delegation speech on Monday:

(In the original video, this is at the 5min:30sec mark.)

A fellow delegate, Kitty Snyder from Pennsylvania, confirmed that Jeff Weaver personally told her and others a couple hours ago, in person, right after finishing this live stream at the Convention Center–that the of opening gavel time for Monday was changed to 4 PM, and that we should indeed go to the 2 PM meeting with Bernie Sanders.

The official Campaign texts also confirm this:

In this video, Adryenn Ashley, my partner from Citizens’ Media TV, knows Nina Turner personally, and she confirmed this to be true. Delegates should indeed go to the 2 PM meeting.

I must say, this would’ve been a whole lot less stressful, if our concerns were simply addressed as they came up, and not deleted and ignored by the campaign.

UPDATE (8/26/2016): Mr. Sanchez privately contacted me and stated that it was not his intention to be rude or inconsiderate. Rather, it was just a case of being overwhelmed by the concerns of many hundreds of delegates and given only limited information to work with,

From: (This link is private except to group members.)

Followup, from: (This link is private except to group members.)

Nuisance: Mon 7/24: NJ Delegates on their way to the Sanders campaign TPP conference.

Part one: Four Bernie delegates in the hotel lobby saying hi and their hopes for the week.

Part two: A great conversation on the hotel-shuttle bus with NJ Bernie delegate Fran Ehrlet about the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

We missed most of the conference, but arrived in time for the private speech from Bernie to his full delegation.

Nuisance: Mon 7/25: Bernie Sanders speaks in private to his full DNC delegation. Things get emotional when he says “we must elect Hilary Clinton and Tim Kaine”. [Timestamped highlights]

Special guests Killer Mike, Ben Jealous, and Rosario Dawson.

(Specific highlights from this video are below.)

Here is the room at the end of the previous (TPP) conference in the same room. The room was emptied and refilled with delegates only.

Here is a full photo album from this event.

I was going to live stream this event, but I met Jordan Chariton outside of the room, who said no press was allowed in. So I took his phone and had the honor of being a guest correspondent for TYT Politics. Although I got a great interview with Killer Mike, due to bad cell service, I did not capture any of the speeches.

Correspondent is Melissa Demyan (Twitter @melissademyan) a district delegate from California’s 26th congressional district representing Ventura County and Bernie Sanders! Melissa is only halfway to her fundraising goal. Please donate.

Highlights from this video

0:40: Hotels are taking advantage of Bernie delegates

Me: “I live 25 minutes away but I’m still required to stay in a $469 per night hotel.”

Melissa: “That’s crazy, but California delegates have to pay $720 a night.”

These prices are dramatically higher than is normal for Philadelphia.

5:40-8:30: Stress and controversy

Confusion about Bernie Sanders speaking to his delegation. Fear that going to cause delegates to miss the opening gavel, and therefore being taken advantage of in the same fashion as happened at the Nevada state Democratic convention.

Full article about this issue.

8:30-11:30: What is Bernie going to say? Killer Mike!

How will his delegates react? Killer Mike lurks within the background, and eventually interrupts us.

Melissa: “I’m not a fan of booing. I think if are going to win, we’re going to do it with positivity.”

Jeff: “this campaign is about lifting up without bringing anyone else down. We don’t compare, we don’t say that Bernie is better than anyone, just ‘Bernie is good’. This campaign is about truth, lifting up only, and bringing light into the shadows.”

Killer mike interrupts!

Melissa: “if you follow me on Twitter you’ll know I just met three of the CNN anchors, and that might have been more exciting.”


22:00-26:30: Killer Mike

“About a year ago I fell in love with an old crazy haired white guy.”

26:30-29:30: Ben Jealous

29:30-35:30: Rosario Dawson

37:00-1:01:03: Bernie Sanders speaks to the delegation. One of the most emotional moments of the week

  • 43:30: “We won over 1800 pledge delegates. Welcome to Philadelphia!”
  • 45:25: “8 million donations averaging…” Delegates: “$27!”

54:00-59:30: “We have got to defeat Donald Trump and we have got to elect Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine.”

One of the most emotional moments of the week. This is the first time during the campaign that his supporters have ever confronted, disagreed, and stood up to Bernie Sanders.



“We want Bernie!” (chant)

Bernie: “Trump does not respect the constitution of the United States or civil liberties.”

Delegate, screaming: “Neither does Hillary!”

Bernie: “Trump is a danger for the country.”

Delegate: “So is Hillary!”

Delegate: “We love you Bernie! You can beat Hillary Clinton! Don’t give up! Run independent!”

“Take it to the floor!” (chant)

“Bernie or bust!” (chant)

Jeff and Melissa react to “we must elect Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine”:

We are the future. We are the revolution. Us.

1:01:10: “Thank you Bernie” (chant)

1:02:45-1:09:30: Delegates Jeff, Melissa, and Dinea reflect on what just happened.

1:03:30: An emotional reaction to Bernie Sanders’ speech, from Dinea Evans, a Washington state delegate.

Crying: “I was elected to support Bernie in this movement.” She chokes up.

I wasn’t coming here expecting that Bernie was going to tell me to vote for Hillary Clinton. I never thought I would hear Bernie tell me to do that.

But it hurts, and it stings to hear our man, Bernie Sanders, say that we need to help Hillary get elected.

Bernie gave me a nice hug and a nice kiss, and I feel a little better… I just love Bernie so much.

I’ve only been doing this for three months. Before this, [I wasn’t involved at all].



Bernie did not say “vote for Hillary”, but it is implied.

1:09:30-1:10:10 interruption by speaker

1:10:10-13:30: Final thoughts. Three delegates predict the future of the Political Revolution.

Jeff: “This is not fun. It’s a job.”

Nuisance: Mon 7/25: I interview Killer Mike as a guest correspondent for TYT Politics.

I was going to live stream Bernie Sanders’ private speech to his full delegation, but I met Jordan Chariton outside of the room, who said no press was allowed in. So I took his phone and had the honor of being a guest correspondent for TYT Politics. Although I got a great interview with Killer Mik, due to bad cell service, I did not capture any of the speeches.

Nuisance: Mon 7/25: On the bus with California Bernie delegates, going to Wells Fargo Center for DNC proper. [Timestamped highlights]

This whole conversation is great.

Highlights from this video

0-7:30: Conversation between four delegates about fundraising, and the outrageous hotel costs imposed onto all Bernie delegates.

7-30-9:30: One delegate who also attended the 2012 convention comparison with 2016 so far.

11:30-14:40: “It’s never been about Bernie.”

Debating the difference between “we must get Hillary Clinton elected” and “you must vote for Hillary Clinton.” (Part one of two)

14:40: The future of the revolution

“I would rather see people just shrug that part off this off and be like, ‘Yeah, OK, Hillary Clinton is being nominated here,’ than to be spending all this opportunity, having thousands and thousands of these great progressive here, to talk about what comes next, building political power in our base, building power in our communities. And instead people are spending all this energy doing every time Hillary Clinton’s name is mentioned.”

18:05-20:45: Debating the difference between “we must get Hillary Clinton elected” and “you must vote for Hillary Clinton” (part two of two)

We agree to disagree

Paraphrasing comment from Hispanic delegate: “If you are not voting for ‘the Democratic nominee’ then you are voting from a position of privilege, as someone who will not suffer at the hands of Donald Trump’s racism and bigotry and misogyny.”

This person is not voting for “Hillary Clinton”. They are voting for “the Democratic nominee”.