Article about the Edison Research protests in Somerville, NJ. Michelle and my quotes close it out. “Our goal is to simply get the truth.”

The article.

Michelle McFadden-DiNicola, a Sanders delegate from New Jersey, has come out several days to protest at Edison Research. She said she was “devastated” when Hillary Clinton received the Democratic presidential nomination.

But when it comes to exit poll data transparency and election fraud, it goes further than preferential candidates, she said.

“People should care, that doesn’t necessarily mean they should be here in the heat protesting, but this is not about Bernie,” McFadden-DiNicola said. “This is about free, fair, democratic elections. This is about standing up for whatever is left of our democracy.”

“We are out here not to get Bernie to be president. We realize that’s gone, as sad as that is,” Epstein said. “That’s not our goal. Our goal is to simply get the truth.”

Nuisance: Tues 7/26: Reviewing DNC day one: “I was told to be a good girl. It’s heartbreaking.” [Timestamped highlights]

Liz Maratea, New Jersey delegate, and Jeff review DNC day one and the upcoming roll call.

Highlights in this video

0:40: “It’s not a convention, it’s a four day long Hillary Clinton party.”

1:45-6:15: “They’re not interested in listening.”

Jeff: “The Democratic Party is so-called ‘for everyone’ and ‘listens to everyone’, ‘listens to the little guy’, but there’s no interest in changing it from a coronation. They don’t want to hear from the little guy, they just want to coronate Hillary Clinton…’Coronate’, is that the right term?

…They’re not interested in listening. And they’re actively trying to suppress that, by holding signs in front of us and…threatening credentials–”

Liz: “Throwing hats.”

Jeff: “Throwing hats?”

Liz: “My hat was taken from my head and thrown like a frisbee from Maine to Illinois last night.”

Jeff: “That is a really long distance.” Smiles.

Liz: “[Whoosh sound with a throwing gesture.] Winged it. I was kicked at on the stairs, people trying to trip me. I was kicked out on the floor, people trying to trip me. I was shoved, people jabbed me in the stomach during Michelle Obama’s speech when she hit us(?) with her ‘Hillary Clinton isn’t angry or disillusioned’ comment. ‘That one got you in the stomach, didn’t it?’ Knuckled me right in the ribs.”



Jeff: “Would those people say you provoked them?”

Liz: “I was standing there watching the stage. I was standing, I was holding my ‘Michelle’ sign.”

3:12: Jeff: “I didn’t personally experience any of that kind of stuff. I wasn’t there when it happened. What I can say is, there is a lot of disrespect and…disgust that we were there to begin with.”

Liz: “We were asked, ‘Why are you here? Why did you even come here? Go home.’ Being treated like [we were] Republicans.”

Jeff: “They just want us to be quiet and let them have their party. So I’ve decided personally, instead of complaining there, I’m complaining to the people who are interested in hearing them, which is you guys [points to the camera].”

Liz: “I was really excited to register as a Democrat when I was 18. I couldn’t wait. I was born to be a liberal. Born to be a Democrat.

I don’t feel welcome here. I walk around breakfast [in the hotel] and ask if I can sit down, and it’s like Forrest Gump on the school bus [everyone covers the empty seats with her hands]…

I have not directly engaged in any arguments. If they really wanted to unite the party, they would have spoken to all of us. We’re not speaking to us. They’re telling us–I was so told so many times last night to behave myself. I was told to be a good girl. How my supposed to feel about that? I’m 31 years old. This is the fourth election I’m voting in. The fifth one I’m involved in. It’s heartbreaking.”

6:15: Ivan: “I was a little disappointed that Bernie didn’t do a mic drop, saying, ‘Guys, I’m kidding, it’s a contested convention.’ “

It was a long day on the floor, let me tell you. I was there 330 to 1130. Ran out of food, but the speeches were good. I was a little disappointed that Bernie didn’t do a mic drop, saying, ‘Guys, I’m kidding, it’s a contested convention.’…

Before this convention, people felt that when he endorsed Hillary two weeks ago, that he gave up on us. But the thing is, if we trusted Bernie up until the endorsement…we can’t stop trusting him now. He started a revolution, he is the face of that revolution, he understands that. But the revolution needs more than just one guy…

He’s bringing that up to us and saying, ‘Yeah, we need a call to arms of other people to take over this revolution, and continue it in the fight. I will still be here because I’m going to hold everyone accountable.’

9:15: Liz: “He [Bernie] can’t make people fall in line. The problem is the DNC made this mess and they’re making him clean it up.”

11:25: Michelle: “I did not wear any Bernie gear because I did not want to be treated badly. That was my assumption, and I was sad to learn that it was right.”

Michelle McFadden-DiNicola, New Jersey delegate From Highland Park New Jersey.

This is my first convention and I stressed a little bit about it. I wore some neutral gear [yesterday at the first day of the convention]. I did not wear any Bernie gear [because] I did not want to be treated badly. That was my assumption, and I was sad to learn that I was right. That people were being mistreated.

So I’m feeling a little disheartened about the calls for unity. I know that’s coming from Bernie and that it’s sincere, but I don’t feel that it’s being taken seriously…by Hillary supporters…

They still are viewing us as a nuisance. And being treated like a nuisance, I was emboldened today to show up with more Bernie gear than ever. Because if they are going to treat me as a nuisance anyway, then I might as well show my support.

The bus arrives at the Wells Fargo Center. Specifically on Pattison Avenue, directly between the Wells Fargo Center and FDR Park.

Nuisance: Tues 7/26: Michelle, crying: “I am so happy to see that you are not happy. It’s just gorgeous.”

Bernie Sanders delegates and their supporters have been struggling to communicate through all of the barriers placed between us.

Eric Beechwood, an independent Berniecrat, running in the 2016 general for Congress in New Jersey (who I met at the Pemberton Bernie Sanders campaign office, and is now working for Philly.FYI, who helped organize a lot of the protests at FDR Park and around the convention), wrote me the following on Monday night. He told me to look for protesters at the gate at FDR Park, when we arrive at the DNC on our state-delegation hotel shuttle bus.

As we arrive, we see a small amount of people behind the gates at FDR Park. It’s hard to make out. When we get off the bus, it is still hard to see people, but their chants are clear.

Jeff: “We see you! We hear you!”

We thought that was it. But as we walk in to go to security, someone notices that there are a lot more supporters at the end of the block, towards the corner of Broad and Pattison.

Their cheers are very clear, and as we see them, we give them a thumbs up in acknowledgement. It is an emotional release for both sides.

Michelle McFadden-DiNicola, a fellow New Jersey pledged delegate for Bernie Sanders, is crying.

I am overwhelmed. I’m overwhelmed. I can’t– They actually care. And there’s so many of you. There’s so many of you. I’m just overwhelmed. And, um, I’m losing it. I don’t know if it really, um, makes sense to my brain.

With everything, all the messages were getting as delegates, from the DNC, is that, just calm down, everything is cool, we are all going to unify. Hillary is great, everything is OK. And it’s going to be great, she’s the first woman President, you know?

I keep getting these messages, these, like, implicit messages, to just kind of be happy. Just be happy. And I’m so happy to see that you are not happy. I’m so happy that you’re angry with me, because I’m so angry.

I’m so proud of you for being out there. I know It’s not easy to get out there. You have families and jobs and other things to do. It’s just gorgeous. Thank you.

Nuisance: Tues 7/26: #DNCwalkout part 1/2. Bernie Sanders’ concession triggers mass walkout of 500-1,200 delegates. Heavy police presence. [Timestamped highlights]

This is #DNCWalkOut coverage part one. Go to part two.

Highlights from this video

0-5:05: Delegates stream into the hallway and out the door with chants.

  • “Walk out! Walk out!”
  • “Tell me what democracy looks like! This is what democracy looks like!”
  • “Feel the Bern! Feel the Bern!”

Many different Bernie signs. many phones and cameras. A woman wearing red in a wheelchair. Some people with tape or gags over their mouths.

I was up in the main hallway when this happened. I did not witness Bernie Sanders’ concession speech, nor did I choose to walk out. I was swept up in a massive crowd of Bernie delegates streaming up out of the bowl and into the hallway through their various corridors.

3:20-5:00: “We’re walking out. Democracy died today. Everything good died.”

Jeff: “can you tell us what happened?”

Distraught woman Nevada delegate:

Yeah. We’re walking out. Democracy died today. Everything good died. It was all rigged. It was horrible. Not all, but a lot of us are. A lot of us from Nevada are…

All the WikiLeaks documents that show what we always knew about the DNC cheating. I saw it on the national, state, regional, the local level for the whole year that I was working on the Bernie campaign. Full-time as a volunteer and then as a staffer. It’s a total heartbreak. And I feel like democracy has been dying, and it was killed today.

I still believe in Bernie, but I don’t know what he did. I don’t understand what he did. I still believe in him and his integrity, but I can’t deal with this anymore.”

Jeff: “Did he do something?”

He basically dispensed with the nominating process and just said, ‘That’s it. Let’s nominate Hillary’. I believe in his integrity, but he also taught to follow and stand for what we believe in.

And I can not in anyway ever support Hillary. And I am so sick of the Democratic Party! I’ve been a democrat since I was 18 and I’m 54, and I can’t stand this shit anymore!

5:05-8:30: “Silent stand in, at the press tent.”

A young woman delegate is directing people “Silent standing at the Press Tent.”

Jeff: “who decided that?”

Delegate: “We came together the delegation, a few of us, and decided.”

She sees the Citizens’ Media TV press pass around my neck.

“And I’m not commenting to the media at the moment.”

She walks away. I am caught off guard.

Jeff: “I’m actually a Bernie delegate.”

Delegate: “Oh yeah? Sorry. I saw a press pass.”

Jeff: “No problem. I’m not officially sanctioned by the DNC, but I am a Bernie delegate.”

Delegate: “Our voices have not been heard, and we’re going to make them heard now. That they have silenced us and not given us the time of day to speak. And we won our voices heard.”

Jeff: “What did he just say inside? I was not there.”

(She shows and vulnerability. “I feel like a dingbat”)

Delegate: “He basically said, ‘Thank you. I move to suspend the rules, and nominate Hillary as the Democratic nominee.’ ”

Jeff: “What does that mean suspend the rules?”

Delegate: “Skip the ending process… As far as my understanding goes. And I’m just a 19-year-old kid, I don’t have a best grasp of these things possible.”

Jeff: “So what was the alternative for him?”

Delegate: “I don’t think there was much of an alternative for him. He could have said, Thanks, let’s wait till they count everything, and get the official total…”

9:05: “Because I am Princess Lea and Bernie is our only hope.”

Continuing to walk throughout the crowd outside of the press tent.

Female Bernie delegate from San Diego, California, dressed up as Princess Leah.

“Why are you dressed as Star Wars?”

“Because I am Princess Lea and Bernie is our only hope.”

11:00: Serious, overwhelming police presence.

Approximately five heavily armed secret service officers, including a K-9 dog. Approximately 20 State police officers on the side of the press tent, between it and the Wells Fargo Center entrance (where the delegates exited).




(And as I discovered the next day, lots of snipers.)

At the moment the press tent is not fronted by police. Media and delegates are starting to swarm on the outside of the press tent, with many on the inside ready to do a silent protest.

12:30: “Bernie peacekeepers” being interviewed.

“We are peacekeepers. We want to make sure that our delegates and our Bernie volunteers from across the nation make it home safe. And we’re doing our best to de-escalate any conflicts. And to make sure that this event is a peaceful event. Because that’s what we believe most of all is peace, and we are in a fight to save our planet.”

13:10: “They can’t treat us like a four letter word that starts with an S and ends with a T.”

Interview with older woman, Stating how Bernie is the one who could’ve united the country and Bernie is the one that could’ve beaten Trump.

They can’t treat us like a four letter word that starts with an S and ends with a T. And then, every time we try to do something, they would scream ‘Unity! Unity!’

And when the New York delegates met, they wouldn’t follow Roberts rules of order, they wouldn’t let us vote, they wouldn’t let us make motions. It wasn’t democratic. And when we’d start to yell anything, they would scream “unity!’.

And the worst thing is that a guy that wasn’t even a delegate, he shouldn’t of even been there, he hit a young lady with a cane. We have it on video, We know his name, we know her name. She filed a police report, and none of the major media [picked it up]. The guy that left at the chair got reported up one side and down the other, Because he was a Bernie supporter. The guy that hit our delegate with the cane [shrug]. So what?

14:45: I review what’s happened.

“Bernie Sanders basically unofficially lost. And instead of going through the process so it would be an official thing. That they would officially go through the count and do the ceremony. That he said, We are done. I concede. Hillary has one. So people seem to be upset that, we just wanted to go through the whole process. We wanted to have the closure. That’s as best as I understand it.

I’ll be honest, I don’t agree with this walk out. I’m with Senator Sanders. I’m OK with him doing this. But that seems to be the sentiment of what’s going on.

(I’m missing the bigger picture of voter fraud and being minimized and disrespected throughout the campaign.)

15:40: Philadelphia police are starting to line the outside of the Press tent, forbidding people from entering or leaving it.

Press is starting to clamber around the outside of the press tent, focusing their cameras on the inside.

Dual interview with BYE Idaho, college tv reporters. Philadelphia police are starting to line up on the outside and inside of the press tent glass front wall.

19:03: BYE Reporter: “I’m Canadian, so I can’t vote. I’m super neutral. I think it’s great that they’re protesting, I just hope it doesn’t get out of hand.”

20:40: Second youngest Bernie delegate (in the country?): “The fucking democratic party chair just resigned, and they have not apologized or said anything to us.”

Daniel Carter, Bernie delegate from Saint Augustine Florida, “the oldest city in America”.

“We did lose. And I will be voting for Hillary Clinton in November, But I will not be volunteering for her, I won’t won’t be all out for her like I am for Bernie Sanders. She is a far better candidate than Donald Trump in my opinion. That’s my opinion and I don’t want him to be president. I am a young black African-American, And he is scary. What he will do to our country, I don’t want that.”

He confirms that part of what is making these protesters upset is the lack of closure. That Bernie Sanders short-circuited the process and arguably didn’t let it go all the way to the end as he promised.

22:35: Daniel Carter discusses what Black Lives Matter means to him. (FYI, the Wells Fargo Center is in the background)

24:10: Brief interview of me with Rowan University student reporter

26:40: Police officer outside of the press tent: “Give us some time. Give us some time. You got your credentials. Once we clear everything’s good, you can go right back in.”

He reassures that no equipment is being vandalized and cops are on the inside protecting everything, and that no problems are occurring.

Officer: “Give us some time. Give us some time. You got your credentials. Once we clear everything’s good, you can go right back in.”

27:45: Cameras swarm around Chris Pompelli, so-called Bernie delegate: “These people are useful tools of Donald Trump!!”

Chris Pompelli, a self described, so called Bernie Sanders delegate from Kansas, yelling in anger about the delegates that walked out. Cameras and media swarm around him.

I will stand with the Democratic party because that’s what Democrats do!

Democrats will stand with Hillary Clinton. They will stand with Bernie Sanders, who is standing with Hillary Clinton!

They are betraying their voters back home. They are betraying Bernie Sanders.

[The democratic voters] want you to walk out on your party. Is that what they want? You are betraying your party, you should go home. It’s time for you to give up your credentials and go home.

If they are going to be betraying this party, they do not belong here.

Jeff: “What is their point of view? What are they upset about?”

Pompelli: “Because they didn’t get their way.”

Jeff: “What is their point of view?”

“I think their point is that they didn’t understand the process and they are betraying their voters back home… They are saying we don’t want to be part of he process, so I’m going to take my marbles and go home, and I’m going to hand the election to Donald Trump. Shame on them.”

I’m very disappointed with how I handled him. Wish I had the chance to do it again.

34:00: “Bernie was threatened with all his committee positions”

34:59: I finally get my head together, and respond to the so-called Bernie delegate’s criticisms.

People can say that they [the Bernie delegates who chose to walk out] are betraying the party. People can say that they are supporting Trump. But they do not feel that. And if you don’t go in there and ask them what they are feeling, what their point of view is–you can say you’re the Democratic Party and everybody’s inclusive, but until you know what they are feeling, until you know what they want? You can say, these petulant children, like this gentleman over here was saying (despite being a Bernie delegate, which I don’t get). These people have valid points of view.

38:55: Walking down the police line on the outside of the press tent, there are also police lining the inside of the window of the press tent.

41:25: Interview with Vermont delegate Shyla Nelson, who seconded Bernie Sanders’ nomination on the DNC stage, and then joined the walkout Minutes later.

Shyla has been one of my mentors throughout the campaign. I worked with her on two major projects.

44:50: Jeff, crying: “First of all, when you said the words ‘Bernie Sanders’ on stage, that was one of the most emotional moments of the campaign for me, so thank you. And it’s been great working with you.”

Shyla gives an overview of the motivations for the walkout, and her part in organizing it. She says its larger than just wanting closure. It’s about systemic issues.

48:45: Ron Suarez joins us. Ron, Shyla, and I all worked together on a major effort that ended up going nowhere, but was historical and exhilarating none-the-less.

Ron discusses his experiences as a critical person in Occupy Wall Street.

He has children who are 1%-ers and big Hillary supporters, asked him to talk to Hillary supporters at the DNC for the sake of unity.

55:40: Ron and I discuss the Superdelegate legal challenge effort.

Jeff: “Even though it petered out, without explanation, for a long while there, we were doing one of the more exciting things that I have ever been involved with.”

56:45: Ron: “For me, that’s what being part of the movement is all about. Feeling like you’re part of something.”

Ron ran the Superdelagate effort website. He talks about his involvement in Occupy Wall Street, and how the software companies he created were sold for millions, but treated his employees with dignity.

59:40: Ron: “I want to put NGP-VAN out of business.”

1:01:05: People sitting on the ground with electrical tape on their mouth, fists in the air, holding and wearing Bernie gear, surrounding a message taped on the ground: “VOTE FRAUD”




1:03:10: Silent stand in behind the glass wall, which is the front of the press tent.


There’s a very third world feeling about this. Like a refugee camp, where the only contact you can have with those on the other side is fingertips through the gate.

1:03:40: Kitty is a visual symbol of the DNC Bernie protests.

Photo from this article.

Behind her is Amanda, PA Bernie delegates. Have worked with them throughout the primaries.




1:06:50: I see Michelle (the one crying when we saw the FDR Park supporters across the street) on the other side of the glass.

I put my fingers in a peace sign up to the glass, in hopes to come as close to touching those on the other side as possible.



1:09:06: Clearer picture of lines of state police on the side.

Bernie Sanders NJ pledged delegate Richard MacFarlane: “If we don’t have $27, we have $5. I appreciate those people even more, because, you know what, you got to be broke to give some guy five dollars.”

From this full video.

You know, we have to accept this. We all have $27 a month that we can give to a political candidate somewhere. And if we all do it then they’re going to have the money they need to run a campaign. So they don’t have to go in beg the rich people.

And if we don’t have $27, you know what, we have five dollars. Because I had five people who gave me five dollars each in my gofundme site. And I appreciate those people as much as the people who gave the most amount of money. And even more, because you know what, you got to be broke to give some guy five dollars.

So I had poor people helping me get here today. And I have to go forward with their good intentions. I have to fight for them, because they’re willing to give me their lunch money. We can’t deny that they need help, and that we can help them. What we have to do is find ways to make it matter. As long as we can figure out how to do that, and be ready to donate to candidates that matter, they won’t need the rich people. Everything can change, and it’s all going to start with you as an individual.

Michelle adds her thoughts:

Before Bernie Sanders, You had a reason to be complacent… You had to know people, you had to have big, dirty money. You don’t have that excuse anymore, that you can’t do it with small money.

Nuisance: Wed 7/27: Lunch with Kerith Strano-Taylor. [Timestamped highlights]

I met Kerith about an hour ago, when we all attended a working family party conference on “continuing the revolution”, and we are now all making our way to the DNC together. First we stop for lunch. On the way, I teach Kerith how easy it is to livestream (“That’s it?!”), and ask if I can keep the camera on her so her constituents can hear her talk about…anything. And because it is a livestream, they can ask questions.

We arrive and I start the livestream, Kerith uses her phone to share it to a couple of her pages (watching me with a 15 second delay, from right across the table), and we begin. The lighting on Kerith is terrible for the first few minutes, but greatly improves after we switch sides at the six minute mark.

Highlights from this video

8:45: Jeff: “I might as well show you my lunch. That’s what social media is all about right?

9:10: Kerith wants the camera off of her so she can take a bite to eat. Michelle: “Hello my name is Michelle, and today I’ll be playing the part of Kerith.”

They talk in depth about charter schools. How their only benefit is making rich people richer. Michelle and Kerith are both on their local school boards.

15:00: Kerith reviews how her current Republican congressman believes that the lessons of charter schools should be brought to public schools…meaning that unions should be dismantled.

17:00: Charter schools get their money before public schools do, because only they have the right to sue.

18:30-25:20: Discussion of the idea of arming teachers: Kerith: “I’m a good shot, I like to shoot. But I don’t think I would be nearly as a good shot if I was being shot at. Let alone a whole bunch of babies between me and the target.”

No insurance company will grant policies to the schools that choose to do this.

24:15: Michelle: “We are resigned to so many things that we shouldn’t be resigning too. Like Bernie says, ‘Never lose your sense of outrage.'”

Jeff: “Are we allowed to have any sense of outrage at the DNC? No. Because that implies that there is a reason to have our age, and they can’t go there. They don’t want to go there.”

26:30: Kerith: “Trump believes that the country is broken and can’t get any worse. Bernie believes it’s is broken and that it can only get better. Hillary doesn’t believe that the country is broken.”

29:55: Kerith’s view on guns, as asked by a viewer.

32:55: Why Kerith likes guns.

She has no gun at home. But my neighbor “is well enough armed that, so at the zombie apocalypse, he can take care of me and my family.”

34:00: Discussion of the concept of taking a single incident of a crime, and expanding it into a law against all people, resulting in a more nefarious purpose. Such as voter ID laws preventing people to vote or with purchasing firearms.

42:15 Kerith’s friend and campaign volunteer, Jen. They met when Kerith represented her child’s father in court. According to Jen, Kerith was declared child advocate of the year.

46:30: Jen: “It’s not how well you can help people, it’s how good you can get a speech, how are you can raise money, how much you vote with your party.”

Nuisance: Wed 7/27: A Hillary delegate’s perspective of the the #DNCWalkout. [Timestamped highlights]

Councilman Kwanzaa Hall from Atlanta, and friend of Killer Mike, while traveling on the subway.

Highlights from this video

0: Bernie delegates are feeling disenfranchised by the Hillary campaign and by the Democratic Party

He states it wasn’t totally appropriate that Bernie people cheered in the middle of speakers, but,

come on, this is the Super Bowl of politics… You’ve never been heckled? … Sorry y’all, that means you haven’t done enough to reach out.

If you haven’t reached out to people and they feel like you don’t give a shit, that’s what you get! It’s on you. The onus is on the person who is trying to lead.

3:55: His perspective of the walkout: “It’s all fair in politics.”

The fact that some people walked out and they didn’t want to be a part of the process at that moment? It means you’re supposed to go out and ask them, ‘Hey, Can we have another conversation?’

The folks who are on the winner side or the ones that need to reach out.

5:05: Discussing the booing of Elijah Cummings on Monday night.

He thought it was unfortunate, but not directed to him, and the scheduling of the speakers enabled.

I, Jeff, spoke to Mr. Cummings off the record on Tuesday, and he was viscerally, visibly angry. I found it surprising that someone so involved in the African-American struggle was unable to see the motivations behind it, and was only taking it personally. I understand he gradually responded on the record with respect towards the protesters.

7:30: Kerith talks about how the term “white privilege” makes no sense in her district, which is primarily white and poor.

9:20: Michelle brings up Hillary Clinton’s struggles with authenticity.

11:30: Kerith: Some of Trunp’s supporters think he’s authentic.

One thing Trump was successful with, that Bernie was not, was that Trump won despite the establishment not wanting him.

3:15: Councilman: “He needed to pivot that because of the reality of this business.”

He is framing Bernie Sanders stump speech as “narrative” as opposed to realistic/actual policy. But with Bernie Sanders, those two things are one of the same.

Jeff: “How do you pivot when your word is your bond?”

He answers, but the true answer, in my opinion, is that you don’t. When your word is your bond you don’t pivot. You change your words the first time, so pivoting is not necessary. “Pivot” is a pretty and gentle word for lie and mislead.

15:30: Kerith makes the point that Bernie was getting so many new voters, that he should’ve focused less on persuadable voters. Kwanzaa agrees.

As we approach the station in the end of the video, I ask him his name again. He says he’s a city councilman in district 2 in Atlanta Georgia.

Jeff: “And you’re in Killer Mike’s district right?” Kwanzaa: “No, Killer Mike is in mine.” Smirks.

Nuisance: Wed 7/27: Finally! Bernie Sanders delegates meet their supporters at FDR Park. [Timestamped highlights]

(This is part one. Part two: Kerith and I sit in the grass and talk with our supporters.)

All week long, Bernie Sanders supporters in FDR Park have been struggling to communicate with their delegates at the Wells Fargo Center across the street. Although some of us (delegates) could see supporters from a distance, as we entered the convention center yesterday morning, it was not enough. Rumors were making their way across the street unchecked, and delegates felt alone and like nuisances in the Wells Fargo Center.

This event is our finally doing something about it. It was organized by me, Eric Beechwood, and Dicky Wurfel.

Highlights from this video

0: Dicky Wurfel, Senior Adviser on Philly.FYI, and the person who personally paid for this main stage production, introduces us.

0:45: Supporter: “What happened in there?!”

Jeff: “Our goal today is not to talk to you, our goal today is to answer your questions. So we’re going to introduce ourselves quickly, and then get right to your questions.”

Supporter: “We have lots of questions.”

Here is an alternative view of the same event, by the Sane Progressive.




Many of the pledged Bernie Sanders Delegates on stage:

full-res Jeff Epstein from NJ

full-res Wayne Lewis from NJ

full-res Richard MacFarlane from NJ

full-res Kerith Strano-Taylor from PA

full-res Rob O’Connell from MO

full-res Jill from GA

full-res Gina from IN, Miquel Rodriguez(?) from CA, Saleed(?) from GA.

full-res Michelle McFadden-DiNicola from NJ

full-res James Pinard(?) from MA

full-res Jamie Brennon

full-res Kalilah and her father Andy, from ND

full-res Ann (Pelton?) from NC-10

1:45: Jeff, emotional: “I have been seeing you from across the street and it has been beautiful. So thank you.”

2:40: Kerith, from Pennsylvania, Berniecrat running this November in the general in PA-5:

“I need to tell you, that barefoot in this park is been the happiest I’ve been in three days.”

3:05: Rob: “…and I am Bernie or Bust I love all of you guys.” Laughs.

3:30: Gina from Indiana. White hat, light blue shirt with short sleeves:

“You are keeping the faith alive inside, so thank you. I walked out of the convention tonight, and I am not going back.”

3:55: Miguel Hispanic/Lebanese? from Los Angeles:

I am a lifelong democrat, and my and my wife’s registrations were switched. “Talk about disenfranchisement? You want my vote, you should’ve counted it the first time. I will spend the rest of my life battling the party. And we’re going Green… You guys are so beautiful.”

4:40: Saleed, member of Black Lives Matter, organizer for Fight for $15, Field Organizer for for the Democratic Party “mostly because Bernie Sanders”. From Georgia:

“Power to the people!”

6:20: Jill from congressional district 10 in Georgia. Licensed clinical social worker and part-time faculty member at some university. Wearing pink, long brown hair, glasses on top of her head:

Like many of you, I’ve always been a voter, but Bernie called me into the political process… I want you guys to know that it was very, very tough in that room. And there were times that I had to really hold on to [the fact that] I was representing 15,000 folks in Georgia, and 13 million voters across the United States.

Due to the orchestrated camera shots I’m not sure what you were able to see, but I hope you were able to see us and feel us. And know that we made our voices heard on Monday night.

7:35: Michelle from Middlesex County, New Jersey. Ran with Bernie on the ballot in NJ to give him a better spot:

“I’m filming you guys. I’m so proud to show everybody how gorgeous you look…

I am lucky to be a delegate. I feel like every single last one of you earned it just as much as I did. I know you’re treating us like celebrities–”

Supporters: “Because you are!! Because you are!!”

9:05: Jeff tells the story of yesterday morning’s encounter. Unfortunately when I say Michelle’s line, “I am so happy that you are not happy”, the video briefly cuts out as I switch the camera view. The crowd laughs and cheers.

Michelle: “Amen! Amen. Because There are far too many Americans that are complacent…” Emotional: “Stay fucking mad! Never stop never stop!”

10:00: Crowd chants: “Never stop!”

10:20: Chant: “We. Are. The 1900!”

11:10: James from central Massachusetts: “I’ve spent the last 10 years of my life working as a mental health counselor for children, including for LGBTQ kids in crisis transition. And this party has nothing to say about that currently. And I’m a little upset about that.”

13:00: Jamie from FL-23, Debra Wasserman Schultz’s district. Orange sleeveless shirt with buttons. Shoulder length brown hair:

“Sometimes I think the empty chairs in that room will speak louder…”

14:10: Kalilah, Native American from North Dakota, and her father, Andy, late 60’s? Yellow shirt, red suspenders, carved wooden cane.

“When we got off the bus and we’re heading into the convention, we heard you. Thank you.”

Crowd: “Thank you!!”

14:45-35: Andy was “supposed” to talk for two minutes, but ended up talking for 20. It was stressful for me but exactly what the crowd wanted.

This was very stressful for me as the MC, but beautiful for the audience, many of whom stood entranced, some of whom by the end were crying uncontrollably.

I felt it was important to get through the delegate introductions, to get to supporter questions as quickly as possible. We were given a total of 45 minutes. But each of the few times that I/we tried to stop him, people in the audience got very upset, referring to the centuries of genocide committed against his people, and they wanted him to take as much time as he needed.

My video does not focus on Andy’s speech, as much as it does on my trying to manage the situation. A better source for his speech would be at the 15 minute mark in The Sane Progressive’s broadcast of this same event.

Andy: “Bernie Sanders speaks to my heart, and he loves indigenous people.”

17:00: I tried to stop him, the audience wanted more.

Supporter: “Let him speak! As long as he needs!”

Jeff: “OK. As long as it’s what you want.”

Supporter: “We’re going to fight for you!! Fight the power!”

22:20: Supporter interrupts with a question. I enable this by giving him the microphone.

Another supporter: “Why are you interrupting him?”

25: He continues speaking. Supporter: “Let him speak! Let him speak! They been experiencing this for 250 years.”

30: I am told by Dicky that they have canceled the next event and we are granted an extra 30 minutes. I stop resisting.

32: He ends by singing a song and some in the audience are seen bawling.





33:50: His daughter is filming and crying.

35: Debbie The Sane Progressive speaks.

38:00: Debbie: “It’s a fraud. It’s a fraud. It’s a fraud.”

Crowd: “Fraud! Fraud! Fraud!”

39:30: What happened the roll call?

40:15: Richard reviews what happened to trigger the walkout, as he and I discussed on this morning’s bus.

42:45: Gina addresses what happened at the media tent. The supporters stated that “we were waiting!”, apparently not realizing that where we walked out to was still well within the security perimeter, far from FDR Park.

She also clarifies about the police temporarily not letting people in or out of the media tent.

44:45: For the first time, I hear that there was snipers on the roof during the walk out. I believe that they were there for The entire convention. She says they were “aiming at the Bernie delegates”. While arguably true, I think is an exaggeration.

45: Jeff: “I livestreamed the entire walk out which you can see for yourself on Citizens’ Media TV.”

46: According to Ann, the two organizers of the walk out, one for Vermont, were “detained for hours” by the Secret Service. While it’s true that there were no arrests, people were detained “illegally” for hours. This is the first I’m hearing this as well.

48-55: Saleed talks to the crowd.

“What they are doing in there is a scripted television show. What we are doing out here is real democracy.

Show me what democracy looks like!” Crowd: “This is what democracy looks like!”

49:55: Supporter: “We heard your tears! We heard your tears!”

He does this exactly once. It’s not repeated as I expected it to be.

55:45: Debbie the Sane Progressive gets worked up.

Your votes don’t count anymore. We just had this election stolen! I don’t know how many more times I can say it!… They cheated, OK!? … She [Hillary Clinton] doesn’t need your vote! I beg of you!! … They stole it!! This is not real!! They’re pretending!! I beg of you, tell every single candidate that you will not vote for them. You will not get the money. You will not work for them! Unless they address the issue of election fraud!!



Kerith and I discuss this in part two of coverage of this event. We strongly disagree with not voting.

58: Jill

59: Michelle discusses how the roll call was silent on a piece of paper in the morning, not perhaps as expected with each individual shouting out their vote.

1:01:30: Jill: Bernie sent an email requesting that we don’t protest.

1:02:20: Moving speech by Richard about how Hillary supporters do not have the passion about her as we do about Bernie.

1:04:00: Crowd: “Bernie! Or Jill! But never! Hill!”

Miguel: “I’ve been waiting my whole life for this moment!”

Miguel offers his credentials to anyone in the crowd who wants them, so they can enter the DNC. Credentials are giving out each morning and are only valid for the current day. It is unlikely that anyone who tried could actually get in, given the time of day and that the president is about to speak. Perhaps if they took them now and rushed over…

I am now so stressed about getting the microphone to Kerith, to give her the time she deserves, before we are kicked off stage.

(The original video goes out of sync with its audio at around this point.)

1:07:05-1:10:30: Kerith closes out the show with a three minute speech.

1:11:05: Stephanie Anders (?), independent Florida candidate running for Congress in Debra Wasserman Schultz’s district. She will indeed be in the general. She created this petition on labeling genetically modified foods.

1:12:45. A supporter (Dana Hall?) asks me (Jeff) if any Bernie delegates voted for Hillary. I don’t know the answer. I suspect a small amount, but the final roll call count will make that clear.

1:14:30: I show the top of the DNC coffin.

1:14:50-1:16:50: Billy Taylor

1:17:05: Jeff: “So let’s talk to the people who actually matter.”

1:18:05: Behind the stage: Kerith is interviewed by Pittsburgh’s WPXI TV.

1:20:20: Kerith and I realize that we cannot go back to the DNC, since Obama is about to speak.

1:20:50: Kerith: “So I can hang out and be in my bare feet for the rest of the damn night.”

Jeff: “And we can talk to real people.”