Nuisance: Mon 7/24: Pictures from DNC Monday morning: A tall Uncle Sam, an unappreciated gift in my hotel goodie bag



Nuisance: Mon 7/24: NJ Delegates on their way to the Sanders campaign TPP conference.

Part one: Four Bernie delegates in the hotel lobby saying hi and their hopes for the week.

Part two: A great conversation on the hotel-shuttle bus with NJ Bernie delegate Fran Ehrlet about the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

We missed most of the conference, but arrived in time for the private speech from Bernie to his full delegation.

Nuisance: Mon 7/25: Bernie Sanders speaks in private to his full DNC delegation. Things get emotional when he says “we must elect Hilary Clinton and Tim Kaine”. [Timestamped highlights]

Special guests Killer Mike, Ben Jealous, and Rosario Dawson.

(Specific highlights from this video are below.)

Here is the room at the end of the previous (TPP) conference in the same room. The room was emptied and refilled with delegates only.

Here is a full photo album from this event.

I was going to live stream this event, but I met Jordan Chariton outside of the room, who said no press was allowed in. So I took his phone and had the honor of being a guest correspondent for TYT Politics. Although I got a great interview with Killer Mike, due to bad cell service, I did not capture any of the speeches.

Correspondent is Melissa Demyan (Twitter @melissademyan) a district delegate from California’s 26th congressional district representing Ventura County and Bernie Sanders! Melissa is only halfway to her fundraising goal. Please donate.

Highlights from this video

0:40: Hotels are taking advantage of Bernie delegates

Me: “I live 25 minutes away but I’m still required to stay in a $469 per night hotel.”

Melissa: “That’s crazy, but California delegates have to pay $720 a night.”

These prices are dramatically higher than is normal for Philadelphia.

5:40-8:30: Stress and controversy

Confusion about Bernie Sanders speaking to his delegation. Fear that going to cause delegates to miss the opening gavel, and therefore being taken advantage of in the same fashion as happened at the Nevada state Democratic convention.

Full article about this issue.

8:30-11:30: What is Bernie going to say? Killer Mike!

How will his delegates react? Killer Mike lurks within the background, and eventually interrupts us.

Melissa: “I’m not a fan of booing. I think if are going to win, we’re going to do it with positivity.”

Jeff: “this campaign is about lifting up without bringing anyone else down. We don’t compare, we don’t say that Bernie is better than anyone, just ‘Bernie is good’. This campaign is about truth, lifting up only, and bringing light into the shadows.”

Killer mike interrupts!

Melissa: “if you follow me on Twitter you’ll know I just met three of the CNN anchors, and that might have been more exciting.”


22:00-26:30: Killer Mike

“About a year ago I fell in love with an old crazy haired white guy.”

26:30-29:30: Ben Jealous

29:30-35:30: Rosario Dawson

37:00-1:01:03: Bernie Sanders speaks to the delegation. One of the most emotional moments of the week

  • 43:30: “We won over 1800 pledge delegates. Welcome to Philadelphia!”
  • 45:25: “8 million donations averaging…” Delegates: “$27!”

54:00-59:30: “We have got to defeat Donald Trump and we have got to elect Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine.”

One of the most emotional moments of the week. This is the first time during the campaign that his supporters have ever confronted, disagreed, and stood up to Bernie Sanders.



“We want Bernie!” (chant)

Bernie: “Trump does not respect the constitution of the United States or civil liberties.”

Delegate, screaming: “Neither does Hillary!”

Bernie: “Trump is a danger for the country.”

Delegate: “So is Hillary!”

Delegate: “We love you Bernie! You can beat Hillary Clinton! Don’t give up! Run independent!”

“Take it to the floor!” (chant)

“Bernie or bust!” (chant)

Jeff and Melissa react to “we must elect Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine”:

We are the future. We are the revolution. Us.

1:01:10: “Thank you Bernie” (chant)

1:02:45-1:09:30: Delegates Jeff, Melissa, and Dinea reflect on what just happened.

1:03:30: An emotional reaction to Bernie Sanders’ speech, from Dinea Evans, a Washington state delegate.

Crying: “I was elected to support Bernie in this movement.” She chokes up.

I wasn’t coming here expecting that Bernie was going to tell me to vote for Hillary Clinton. I never thought I would hear Bernie tell me to do that.

But it hurts, and it stings to hear our man, Bernie Sanders, say that we need to help Hillary get elected.

Bernie gave me a nice hug and a nice kiss, and I feel a little better… I just love Bernie so much.

I’ve only been doing this for three months. Before this, [I wasn’t involved at all].



Bernie did not say “vote for Hillary”, but it is implied.

1:09:30-1:10:10 interruption by speaker

1:10:10-13:30: Final thoughts. Three delegates predict the future of the Political Revolution.

Jeff: “This is not fun. It’s a job.”

Nuisance: Mon 7/25: I interview Killer Mike as a guest correspondent for TYT Politics.

I was going to live stream Bernie Sanders’ private speech to his full delegation, but I met Jordan Chariton outside of the room, who said no press was allowed in. So I took his phone and had the honor of being a guest correspondent for TYT Politics. Although I got a great interview with Killer Mik, due to bad cell service, I did not capture any of the speeches.

Nuisance: Mon 7/25: On the bus with California Bernie delegates, going to Wells Fargo Center for DNC proper. [Timestamped highlights]

This whole conversation is great.

Highlights from this video

0-7:30: Conversation between four delegates about fundraising, and the outrageous hotel costs imposed onto all Bernie delegates.

7-30-9:30: One delegate who also attended the 2012 convention comparison with 2016 so far.

11:30-14:40: “It’s never been about Bernie.”

Debating the difference between “we must get Hillary Clinton elected” and “you must vote for Hillary Clinton.” (Part one of two)

14:40: The future of the revolution

“I would rather see people just shrug that part off this off and be like, ‘Yeah, OK, Hillary Clinton is being nominated here,’ than to be spending all this opportunity, having thousands and thousands of these great progressive here, to talk about what comes next, building political power in our base, building power in our communities. And instead people are spending all this energy doing every time Hillary Clinton’s name is mentioned.”

18:05-20:45: Debating the difference between “we must get Hillary Clinton elected” and “you must vote for Hillary Clinton” (part two of two)

We agree to disagree

Paraphrasing comment from Hispanic delegate: “If you are not voting for ‘the Democratic nominee’ then you are voting from a position of privilege, as someone who will not suffer at the hands of Donald Trump’s racism and bigotry and misogyny.”

This person is not voting for “Hillary Clinton”. They are voting for “the Democratic nominee”.

Nuisance: Mon 7/25: Day one. Finding our seats, interviews with Ken Rudin and Josh Fox, opening gavel drops. [Timestamped highlights]

Part one: Interview with Political Junkie Ken Rudin, formerly of NPR

I’m a big fan.

Follow his new (non-NPR) podcast at

4:00: Debra Wasserman Schultz quitting the DNC and getting an honorary chair position on Hillary’s campaign in the same day is “extraordinarily politically tone deaf.”

5:45: “Debra Wasserman Schultz got overwhelmingly booed by the Florida delegation.”

Part 2: Walking the halls, interview with Josh Fox, opening gavel drops

0-5:20: Walking through the halls and into the main “bowl” area.

Just giving a feel for the place.

3:30: “The name is Sanders. Hi.”

A volunteer in the bowl.

“The name is Sanders. Hi.”

“I voted for you.” Laughs.

5:20-10:20: Interview with Josh Fox in the upper hallway.

Josh is the director of a fracking documentary, and a member of the platform committee, which helped write the platform. He talks about its environmental aspects.

Jeff: “Regardless of the progress made in the platform, do you see the TPP as sabotaging all of that, or are you still happy despite?”.

Josh: “That the Democrats have handed Donald Trump this issue [by not opposing the TPP], just handed it to him in a silver platter, is insane.”

“85% of those under 45 years old voted for Bernie…”

Jeff: “…and Hillary does not seem to be fighting for their vote.”

9:15: “Hillary: wake up!”

10:10: Josh abruptly walks away, practically in mid-sentence.

10:25-13:15: Walking through the hallways again.

11-15: Interview with volunteers checking credentials of those trying to enter the bowl.

Reggie Creed from Westhampton New Jersey. Two years retired. Excited for this opportunity to volunteer at this first convention.

Jeff: “Do you support one or the other?”

Reggie: “Yes.”

Jeff: “Don’t want to say?”

Reggie: “Have to remain neutral.”

Jeff: “If you didn’t have to remain neutral, who would you say?”


“No? I didn’t trick you?” Laughs. “OK thanks for volunteering.”

13:15: Entering the main “bowl” area while the ceremonies begin. Gospel choir is on stage singing “Glory Glory Hallelujah”.

17:00-22:45: “I hereby call the 47th Quadrennial Democratic National Convention to order.”

Finding my seats, the opening gavel drops.

I’m on the floor near the main stage, focused roughly on the performing gospel choir.

19:45: I find the New Jersey section. The opening gavel drops.

“I hereby call the 47th Quadrennial Democratic National Convention to order.”

20:45: My hotel roommate, Richard, introduces Peter Jacob, the only Berniecrat running in the general in New Jersey this year.

22:45: Bertin Lefkovic, New Jersey delegate and my whip: “Hillary’s putting me to sleep.” Laughs.

Nuisance: Mon 7/25: Two disingenuous DNC speeches, one genuinely appreciated. [Timestamped highlights]

Two disingenuous speeches by Barney Frank and Latisha Van De Butte, and one genuinely appreciated speech by Diane Russell

Highlights from this video

1:30-3:15: Barney Frank: It was “a fully open debate, in every aspect”

Barney Frank speaks to the DNC.

“On Saturday… The rules committee… Spent seven hours in a fully open debate, in every aspect…”

This is in direct contradiction to our live stream from Saturday, and with the fact that only five Bernie people and 10 Hillary people are on the platform committee.

3:15-4:00: Voice vote. It feels like the “nos” are being ignored.

5:30-7:45: Platitude-filled speech by Latisha Van De Butte: “We are going to open up our democratic process so that the grassroots always has a seat at the table! (original emphasis)”

Speech by Latisha Van De Butte. Platitudes about inclusiveness and how the party is committed to listening to all. Ideas that have not thus far come to fruition.

“We must do everything to ensure that our party carries on a vision that makes us stronger as a country. So, we are proposing the creation of the Unity Reform Commission. This commission has overwhelming support from all members of the rules committee. And together, we’re going to see what’s working, we’re going to see what’s not working, and we’re going to work together to build a stronger Democratic Party, for our children… And the commission will make recommendations regarding unpledged delegates, to be sure that our process reflects our true democratic values, and our unwavering goal at a representative democracy.

And we’re going to open up our democratic process so that the grassroots always has a seat at the table! (original emphasis) We are going to ensure that our party hears every voice and it hours every person with the chance to contribute. And so to all the activists, to the organizers, to the officials and the volunteers and the las familias, and community leaders out there: we hear you. We respect you. And this Unity Commission will work for you to build a lively, growing Democratic Party, today, tomorrow, and for generations to come.”

7:45-10:25: delegates reactions to the speech.

  • “Bullshit bullshit bullshit”
  • “A whole lot of hot air, whole lot of platitudes. Hillary people need to understand we are not going away.”
  • “But Barney Frank said it was totally open and democratic process.” … “HA!”

14:50-27:30: Diane Russell from Maine. Bernie peep!

A rare DNC speaker genuinely enjoyed and appreciated by Bernie delegates.