Feeling pretty upset at my fellow delegate candidate Jay Lassiter

From the Politicker NJ article Politics so Filthy, written by my own fellow delegate-candidate, Jay Lasseter:

…we all know that politics aint beanbag, but John Wisniewski’s decision to bracket Bernie on the ballot with incompetent, absentee Democrats was bad for the Sanders campaign and his supporters and his delegates. The candidates he chose didn’t lift a finger to get any votes.

I worked every day out of the Pemberton campaign office, for every single vote. My partner Michael Miller worked for every single vote, despite having a full-time job. And even if some did indeed choose to be a candidate in name only, labeling them as incompetent is mean spirited and unfair. Not to mention all of the supporters who helped us along the way. Real people, not the establishment.

In fact, I can’t think of anything more against the spirit of this campaign, than being a Bernie Sanders delegate who bad mouths your fellow supporters. Negative campaigning is for the other guys, not us. And certainly not against ourselves!

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Rebuttle article from Bert, above.

The Democratic Party just called me for a donation. Wish I recorded it.

Denise: Hello my name is Denise. May I speak with a Mr. Jeffrey Epstein please?

Me: This is he.

Denise: Well hello, Mr. Epstein, And how are you this evening?

Me: I’m good, how are you?

Denise: Very well, thank you. I am calling you tonight from the Democratic National Committee. I’d wanted to let you know that we’re recording our call for quality assurance purposes.

As you may know the Associated Press today has declared that Donald Trump has reached the necessary amount of delegates to clinch the Republican nomination. I’m sure that I don’t have to tell you just how much of a nightmare a President Trump would be for our country.

In order to ensure that Donald Trump does not get into the White House, we need to elect Hillary Clinton. In addition, we also need to elect as many Democrats into the Congress as possible. I’m calling you today to see if you could help us reach our goal by donating $216 to help elect Democratic candidates throughout the country, in order to stop the Republican takeover of our government. Can we count on you for a donation of $216, Mr. Epstein?

Me: And this is directly to the Democratic Party?

Denise: Yes.

Me: No way in hell.

Denise: Excuse me sir?

Me: There is no way that I am donating anything to the Democratic Party.

Denise: May I ask why?

Me: Well this is nothing personal to you. Because of the way that the Democratic Party has treated Bernie Sanders and his voters in this election.

Denise: But sir you realize how important it is to prevent Republicans from taking over Congress?

Me: I do. I am not donating anything to the Democratic Party.

Denise: So you’re registered as a Republican sir?

Me: Oh no. I’m a Democrat. But I am a Bernie Sanders Democrat. I support the Democratic Party that we deserve, not the one we currently have.

Denise: [Stumbles a bit] Okay. Thank you Mr. Epstein. Have a nice night.

Me: You too. Good night.

11,683 votes, 28%

I got 11,893 votes (page 7). That’s 28% of the vote. Not too shabby for my first campaign. Zero dollars in fundraising, no staff, and no support from anyone but real people. I couldn’t be prouder. Of all off us.

I wish my opponent, Sander Friedman the best of luck in the upcoming general.

And I cannot thank enough my supporters and partner Michael Miller and Steven and Rachel and everyone at the Pemberton campaign office.

I’m a different person because of this campaign. And it ain’t over yet! See you at the DNC.

Coverage of my surrogate candidacy by the Burlington County Times.

Original link, which is behind a paywall.

Full text:

Elections: Two face off in race for Democratic nomination for county surrogate

By Brian Woods, staff writer Jun 1, 2016

One familiar face and one new one are battling for the Democratic nomination for Burlington County surrogate.

Sander Friedman, backed by the Burlington County Democratic Committee, and Jeff Epstein, who will be in a column with presidential nominee Bernie Sanders, will go head-to-head in the primary election Tuesday for a spot on the general election ballot in November.

The winner will vie for the seat against Republican Freeholder Mary Ann O’Brien, of Medford, who is looking to move into the surrogate’s office. She would give up her freeholder seat if she wins tge office.

Friedman is endorsed by the Democratic Committee along with freeholder candidate Reva Foster and sheriff candidate James Kostoplis. Friedman, Foster and Kostoplis ran unsuccessfully for the same offices in 2013.

Epstein is running with fellow Sanders supporter Michael Miller, the freeholder candidate.

Friedman, 51, of Medford, has nearly 25 years of experience practicing law and has his own legal practice in West Berlin, Friedman Doherty LLC, which focuses on consumer protection, citizens’ rights, and improving transparency in government.

“I have been helping people navigate through complicated transactions in difficult times throughout my career. I would like to serve as surrogate to help people throughout the county,” he said.

The attorney said that Surrogate Court-related functions such as performing wills and guardianships require a certain level of guidance, and that his experience makes him the best person for the job.

Friedman said that legal experience is the most important qualification for the surrogate position, but also that compassion and innovation are important. He questioned his opponent’s lack of legal background.

Friedman said one of his goals would be to “streamline the office and save taxpayer dollars to the greatest extent feasible without sacrificing important services.”

Epstein, 44, of Maple Shade, works full time on the Sanders campaign, but previously was a software programmer at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, as well as a programmer that made large programs for banks.

He is also a professional singer who has been in backup choruses for both Barbra Streisand at Madison Square Garden and Michael Crawford at Radio City Music Hall.

“Let me be totally upfront: I am not a lawyer. I am a Master’s-level college graduate who reads avidly, keeps up with current events, and intimately learns whatever he sets his mind to,” Epstein said.

While Friedman is an attorney, Epstein said his lack of a law degree isn’t necessarily a deficit. He said that the surrogate does not litigate, and that probates of any complexity are transferred to the New Jersey Superior Court.

“If it were required to be a lawyer in order to run for surrogate, I would not be running for surrogate,” said Epstein, who acknowledged that he has a lot to learn, but had confidence in being prepared by Jan. 1, when the winners would take office.

He said the Burlington County Democratic Committee hasn’t done a good job getting Democrats elected and pointed to the fact that the Board of Freeholders is all Republican.

He said the committee’s sponsored candidates have already run for the same positions and lost. He said it’s time for new blood.

As surrogate, Epstein has a list of goals he would like to see implemented, including providing consistent and ongoing access to the office regardless of income or demographics, being a full-time surrogate, and fighting for progressive fees so that those with the largest estates pay more than those with minimal estates.

“There is no reason why people with small estates should pay three dollars per page for noncertified documents, as is current policy,” Epstein said.