Introducing Kerith Strano-Taylor, Democratic candidate (in the general!) for US Congress, for PA-5.

On Wednesday morning, on the third day of the Democratic National Convention, fellow New Jersey delegates and I went to a hotel in Center City Philly to attend a conference, but we were unable to get in because the room was too small for the turnout. They scheduled a new one for a few hours later, so we waited around. The point at which this video starts, I had just finished a 36 minute interview and was signing off. But then I saw this person animatedly talking with Richard, my delegate-hotel roommate, and I decided to continue recording and meet her.

Her name is Kerith Strano-Taylor and in addition to being a Bernie Sanders delegate from Pennsylvania, she is also a Democratic candidate for US Congress in PA-5, the far northwest corner of Pennsylvania. She was unchallenged in the primary, and is now in the general. Now. As you can see, she is a passionate person, and I ended up spending most of the day with her, much of it recording her talking about anything she wanted to talk about.

In this video, Kerith talks about her background, her experience as the only Democratic member of her school board (“The schools were terrible because of funding cuts. Do I take my kids to another school? No, I run for school board.”), elected by her peers as president, and why she decided to run for congress.

Please help Kerith win. Donate, volunteer, and vote for her this November.

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