Nuisance: Wed 7/27: Waiting for a DNC conference to begin. Talking about small donors, the TPP, and Frank Underwood. [Timestamped highlights]

Highlights from this video

0:20: Impassioned speech by New Jersey delegate Richard MacFarlane about how everyone has something to give, even if it’s not a lot.

You know, we have to accept this. We all have $27 a month that we can give to a political candidate somewhere. And if we all do it then they’re going to have the money they need to run a campaign. So they don’t have to go in beg the rich people.

And if we don’t have $27, you know what, we have five dollars. Because I had five people who gave me five dollars each in my gofundme site. And I appreciate those people as much as the people who gave the most amount of money. And even more, because you know what, you got to be broke to give some guy five dollars.

So I had poor people helping me get here today. And I have to go forward with their good intentions. I have to fight for them, because they’re willing to give me their lunch money. We can’t deny that they need help, and that we can help them. What we have to do is find ways to make it matter. As long as we can figure out how to do that, and be ready to donate to candidates that matter, they won’t need the rich people. Everything can change, and it’s all going to start with you as an individual.

1:40: Michelle: “Before Bernie Sanders, You had a reason to be complacent.”

“Before Bernie Sanders, You had a reason to be complacent… You had to know people, you had to have big, dirty money. You don’t have that excuse anymore, that you can’t do it with small money.”

5:20: We realize that Bernie Sanders was 40 years old in 1981, when he first became mayor of Burlington. Many of us in our forties feel hope.

6:00: Wayne: “I’m a young 50.” Jeff: “You don’t look a day over 72.”

6:35: Jeff: “Can you please describe the big F.U.?” Frank Underwood. Netflix is giving out shirts in front of the Convention Center.

They end by discussing campaign-finance, citizens United, and how the TPP is the immediate crisis and trumps all of it.

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