The Democratic Party just gambled with the entire planet, and lost.


The Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton lost because the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton care more about their donors than they do about the bottom 90% of the American people. People are so sick of being treated this way, they would rather vote for a Big Fuck You candidate over their clearly more “competent” and “experienced” one.

And the media calling this “the biggest upset in history” shows that they are just as corrupt and uncaring as their chosen candidate. It’s only an upset compared to their she-is-inevitable narrative. If they acknowledged and reported on the anger and problems of the American people, if they reported on the enormous flaws of their pre-chosen candidate (not to mention how they all colluded to ignore and sabotage the one candidate that millions of those disaffected voters actually wanted…someone who had none of those flaws), it would have been obvious at just how close this race has always been. And don’t forget how the media legitimized and normalized Trump by giving him BILLIONS of dollars of free air time.

If people want to survive the next four years, we better start respecting Trump and his supporters, and the anger and hopelessness that they, and all of us, feel. We should have started respecting them long ago.

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