Those that throw labels likely have incentive to not communicate.

It’s not attacking corporations. It’s attacking the greed and corruption that lurks within them. We live in a country that enables and incentivizes the accumulation of wealth at the expense and suffering of others, and one that has decriminalized criminal activity and standardized unethical behavior. You can get as rich as you like–there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s what our country is all about–so long as everyone has a minimally acceptable standard of living. When that boundary is reached, that is, by definition, “rich enough”. That is the system we should live in.

The suggestion that it is “attacking corporations”, is similar to calling those who reasonably criticize Hillary Clinton as “sexist” and those who protested Elijah Cummings’ DNC speech as “racist”. It’s a way of distracting from the issue by attacking the messenger. Taking the most obvious label of the person being criticized, and pretending that the messenger is innately prejudiced against that label.

It’s also similar to equating the slogan “Black Lives Matter” to “anti-cop”. Black Lives Matter means “stop treating us like we are worthless, stop shooting us, because we matter.” There is no anti-anything or -anyone referred to by that slogan. It has nothing to do with anyone but black people. Twisting that to “black lives matter more than all others”, particularly when referring to the police…who, come on, the rare rogue among them happen to be the ones shooting them. It’s a large leap, and in my opinion, perpetuates the disrespectful treatment. Is the disrespectful treatment. Instead of listening and learning, to truly understand the centuries of history and motivation behind that slogan, “All Lives Matter” dismisses it out of hand and twists it into negative aggression.

It’s easy to throw labels. It’s hard to communicate. Those that throw labels likely have incentive to not communicate.

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