Clinton Campaign spying on Bernie Delegates is another piece of evidence proving the truth matters

My passion for Bernie Sanders comes from knowing–feeling–that what he tells us is the truth, that he genuinely cares about us and our fellow Americans. My dispassion for Hillary Clinton comes from knowing that she always tells the truth, just never to us. The bottom 90% only get to hear her “public position.” I know–I can feel–that she cares about money and her donors, and has no awareness of our existence, let alone caring about it.

Throughout the entire campaign, the Clinton campaign and the Democratic Party, with the full-throated backing of mainstream media, threatened us with Donald Trump. We were shamed, scolded, sabotaged, minimized, humiliated, and gaslighted. Both us and our candidate. Both privately and publicly. Every step of the way, we were told our passion and our truth–the truth–is not as important as “unifying” around a terrible candidate, in order to stop an even more terrible candidate, who cares about us even less.

Many of us personally experienced this, and this spying spreadsheet is just another piece of evidence. On top of our livestreams, the WikiLeaks emails, the fact that Edison research won’t release their raw exit polling data, and especially Hillary Clinton’s humiliating yet unsurprising loss to Donald Trump (only those who refused to take the time to see what is actually happening in this country, think it was “an historic upset”).

It’s one more piece of evidence proving that we were right. The truth matters. We matter.

Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party gambled with the entire planet and lost. We are the ones left to pay the price, and in their desperate attempt to hold onto their remaining power, we are once again being blamed for their failings.

(P.S. I felt disgusted while doing it, but I did vote for Hillary Clinton. So many of my friends refused to, and I understand it, because they had nothing to vote for.)

With thanks to Spats McGee.

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