Sander Friedman beat me badly in the primaries. Now I want to help him win on November 8th

In the 2016 Democratic primaries, I ran for Burlington County Surrogate on the Bernie Sanders ticket. I was one of only around forty candidates in the country to be personally endorsed by the senator. It was not only my first campaign, it was my first experience in politics. I had no fundraising or staff, yet got just under 12,000 votes, or 28%. While a large amount of these votes were on Bernie Sanders’ coattails, a substantial number of them were not. I tried to win, and I’m proud of what I and my supporters accomplished.

I could not have lost to a nicer guy. Sander Friedman is now the Democratic nominee, and he has earned, and deserves this position. The campaign he ran against me was strong and assertive without being negative, and his experience with the surrogacy and already fighting for the people of Burlington County, makes him more than qualified. Since the campaign I have gotten to know Sander, and have found him to be both pleasant and present, not to mention supportive of my own past candidacy and future prospects.

An important item in my platform was to dramatically reduce the three dollar-per-page-cost of obtaining copies of documents being held in the surrogate’s office. This is regressive as it punishes those with smaller estates, paying the same fee as those with the largest. It is something that Sander can already claim to have accomplished. In 2005, he won a case against Camden County Clerk’s office that prohibits them from inflating fees with bogus charges.

His 25 year law career (and his firm) has centered around protecting the rights of consumers and citizens, and he has already achieved obvious victories in these areas. I will be voting for Sander Friedman for Burlington County Surrogate on November 8th and making phone calls to urge others to do the same.

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