I was just nominated for my first elected position: Corresponding Secretary of the Maple Shade Democratic Club

An hour ago, I was nominated for my first elected position, for Corresponding Secretary of the Maple Shade Democratic Club. I am running unopposed next month, and those that attend the meeting will hopefully vote for me. The Club meets a quarter-mile from my house, at the building in front of which my boys used to wait for the school bus.

A Corresponding Secretary

maintains communications with those outside the entity, including business partners, financial institutions, creditors and officers of other entities. The corresponding secretary presents the public voice of the organization and receives correspondence and materials on its behalf. A corresponding secretary is typically part of the executive leadership of the entity and aids in managerial duties as needed.

The person who nominated me is Jack Gillespy, who I’d seen around town for years, especially in and around the library. I often saw him in a car with bumper stickers, or wearing buttons, showing his support for Democratic candidates and concepts, and busting on Republican ones. I finally got to know him when I unknowingly knocked on his door for Bernie Sanders. We ended up speaking, along with his wife Connie, for an hour in his living room, about Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, my own campaign for surrogate, and looking forward should I not win. He told me what I was doing reminded him of when he first got into politics.

Since then, I see him whenever I grab breakfast at Wawa after dropping my boys off at school, where he spends the first couple hours of his weekdays. He leans in a little crook in the back corner, between the coffee machines and drink refrigerators, talking to the regulars. “It’s how I enjoy retirement,” he says. Jack supported me during the remainder of the primary, and it was he who introduced me both to the Democratic Club and the available positions in it. And tonight he nominated me.

Thanks to him.

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