Article about the Edison Research protests in Somerville, NJ. Michelle and my quotes close it out. “Our goal is to simply get the truth.”

The article.

Michelle McFadden-DiNicola, a Sanders delegate from New Jersey, has come out several days to protest at Edison Research. She said she was “devastated” when Hillary Clinton received the Democratic presidential nomination.

But when it comes to exit poll data transparency and election fraud, it goes further than preferential candidates, she said.

“People should care, that doesn’t necessarily mean they should be here in the heat protesting, but this is not about Bernie,” McFadden-DiNicola said. “This is about free, fair, democratic elections. This is about standing up for whatever is left of our democracy.”

“We are out here not to get Bernie to be president. We realize that’s gone, as sad as that is,” Epstein said. “That’s not our goal. Our goal is to simply get the truth.”

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