Nuisance: The 2016 Democratic National Convention through the eyes of a Bernie Sanders delegate

The beginning of a series documenting my experience as a Bernie Sanders delegate from New Jersey, at the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, as seen through my broadcasts on Citizens’ Media TV.

My mission, my job, was to document the proceedings from the points of view of Bernie Sanders delegates in the Wells Fargo Center, and Bernie Sanders supporters and protesters across the street in FDR Park. I broadcast around six hours each day. All told, Citizens’ Media TV’s DNC coverage reached 1.4 million people.

You will notice this is very different than the polished “unity” as seen on Mainstream Media. It is the truth.

Articles: To view every article in the series, click here. To view all articles in a specific day: pre-Sunday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday (pre-walkout,  walkout), Wednesday (pre-FDR Park, FDR Park), Thursday, and post-Thursday and looking back.

Raw livestreams: Pre-Monday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Post-Thursday

Raw livestreams and edited videos as uploaded to youtube: SundayMondayTuesday, WednesdayThursday, Pre-Sunday/post-ThursdaySupplemental & edited

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