Nuisance: Mon 7/25: Liz Maratea reviews DNC day one: “Long, tortuous, condescending, patronizing, cruel, and unusual.” [Timestamped highlights]

Liz Maratea, New Jersey Bernie Sanders delegate, on the bus back to the hotel:

Highlights from this video

0-1:20: “Long, torturous, condescending, patronizing, cruel, and unusual”

1:30-2:50: “I will be voting for Bernie tomorrow [in roll call], absofrickinglutely”

Some delegates will be flipping both ways in tomorrow’s roll call vote.

According to Liz, some Bernie delegates will be voting for Hillary, some Hillary delegates will be voting for Bernie.

2:50-5:00: “There was no unity here.”

There was no unity here. It was all a show. They took out entire forests for these signs, to make it seem like we were unified. They took our signs away. Told us we couldn’t hold them up. Told us if we booed, if we stood up and turned our backs…

They took almost all of California’s anti-TPP signs away. And then they shoved California, which is one of the biggest Bernie states, in the corner of the convention like a child.

I wandered. I left New Jersey and I visited Cali and I made some friends. I hung out down in Florida for a while. Because after Sarah Sarah Silverman basically said fuck you to all of the Bernie supporters, I couldn’t just sit there and watch anymore. I had to go for a walk. So I walked around and visited some people. Some really cool people and some assholes. Some really awful people, who were clapping in my face.

They say that ‘Bernie Bros’ are aggressive and they say that we are childish and petty and nasty. I have never met more petulant, childish, just…better people than Hillary supporters at this convention. They were so nasty. The longer he went on and the more people that viewed the same toxic bullshit over and over, ‘Hillary’s awesome, Trump sucks. Hillary’s awesome, Trump sucks’…the more aggressive they got.

And this was all about Trump. It was all about Trump. I am so sick of hearing his fricking name. They were giving him so much free press… But the only thing they’ve got is ‘oh, if you don’t vote for Hillary, you’ll get Trump.’ But nothing about the issues. No issues were spoken about, until Elizabeth Warren got up…

5:20: Reactions to Bernie’s DNC speech, and again on the distinction between “Hillary must win” and “you must vote for her”.

I and other delegates thought that Bernie Sanders said:

“I look forward to all of you [my delegates] voting your conscience in tomorrow’s roll call.”

According to others who said they listened to the tape, it was:

“I look forward to your vote in tomorrow’s roll call.”

Vermont delegate Noah Detzer.

“Bernie is kind of walking a fine line. He has to make some kind of the concessions that he is making in the speeches, otherwise I don’t think they would let him speak. But he’s trying to make sure that his supporters feel heard, and don’t feel marginalized from the start.

9:26: Shyla Nelson speaks highly of me 🙂

Me to Noah: “how did my name came up [with Shyla]?”

“She just mentioned that you’re someone I should get in contact with. She speaks very highly of you.”

Shyla Nelson is someone who I have worked with throughout the campaign. An important figure.


10:20: “I’ll suffer with you again tomorrow.”

Liz’s family is at the hotel, including her husband and breast-feeding two-year-old. She is relieved to be seeing them again.

“Good night Liz. Thank you for suffering with me.”

“I’ll suffer with you again tomorrow.”

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