Nuisance: Mon 7/25: Liz Maratea and I are in this NJTV News article and video. Liz is portrayed well. I’m portrayed meh.

Liz Maratea, NJ Bernie delegate.

Video and article: Sanders Supporters Rally at DNC.



“Here it is in black and white that everything that we’ve been saying from the beginning is absolutely 100 percent true. It doesn’t suggest there was corruption. It doesn’t suggest the DNC has been working against Bernie. It proves they have been working against Bernie since the beginning,” said Liz Maratea, New Jersey delegate for Sanders.

Even Sanders’ own pledged delegates are split on how to move forward, despite his endorsement for Hillary Clinton.

“The whole point of the progressive party, the whole point for Bernie supporters, is we think for ourselves, we don’t do what other people tell us to do. Even if Bernie tells us to vote for Hillary, no we are voting with our conscience. We don’t vote against people. We’re not voting to be against Trump. We’re voting for the candidate that we want,” Maratea said.

“It’s sad, but this, as hard as it is to admit, this really is not all about Bernie Sanders,” said New Jersey Sanders delegate Jeff Epstein. “She may win, but I don’t need to be happy about that.”

Will he vote for Clinton?

“I’m not Bernie or bust. A lot of my friends are,” Epstein said.

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