Nuisance: Mon 7/25: Confusion over DNC roll-call voting protocol: “This information is either nothing, or critically urgent.”

This information is either nothing, or critically urgent. [UPDATE: Big deal. Not enormous deal.]

If this screenshot is true, then ALL Bernie Sanders delegates must be at their state delegation breakfast TOMORROW MORNING (Tuesday, six hours from now), or they will never get a shot to vote for Bernie during roll call tomorrow night. In fact, the roll call will be at breakfast and not at the convention at all.

Here is the question posed by one of our founders, Adryenn Ashley, who found the screenshot, that our other founder, Jeff Epstein: (a NJ Bernie delegate) passed onto the campaign people that he knows:

“What is the process of roll call? We have heard from reliable sources that all motions from the floor have been eliminated and that any issues must be taken up at breakfast, including nominating Senator Sanders and that this change could possibly mean he must be nominated and seconded in all states separately in order for roll call to count the votes and not just count them as “present” as the rules require.”

So what do you guys think? Real? Do we truly need to scramble and knock on everyone’s hotel doors and wake them up to alert them about this, at 8am when breakfast starts? Would be really nice to have a source for this information. Can’t know if this is complete speculation or rumor or what.

Corroboration by the NJ DNC (see last paragraph), Sent an hour ago:

From: Christopher James <>
Date: July 26, 2016 at 00:52:00 EDT
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Subject: Tomorrow Credentials

Dear Delegates

We hope you enjoyed the first night of our convention! As you know, your credentials for Tuesday will be available for pick up on the second floor of the NJ delegation hotel from 9:30am until 12pm. You must come in person with ID to pick up your credentials – there will be no exceptions.

As was the process today, credentials must be signed for by the delegate in person. If you have any questions please find me tomorrow on the second floor to discuss, or talk to any of the NJDSC staffers manning our tables. I look forward to continuing our convention tomorrow!
Convention business tomorrow we will have a roll call vote and we need to get all of your votes and signatures recorded and over to the convention center in a timely manner.


Our conclusion:

Spoke to my whip. The decision is to tell delegates to get to breakfast sometime between eight and nine. During the first hour.

Roll call at the Wells Fargo Center will likely be only a review of the vote totals. They’re not going to take the tallies during that time, with all the noise and people getting food and whatever. That doesn’t make sense.

So it must be tallied beforehand. As far as at 8am sharp (or anything sharp) that seems unlikely.

And the volunteers being stripped of their credentials as in the screenshot just seems like a red herring. Whether it happened or didn’t happen, it doesn’t affect roll call.

Make sense?

Please spread the word.


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