Nuisance: Tues 7/26: Alleged fraudulent use of delegate credentials, and voice votes in DNC stadium dramatically skewed in Hillary Clinton’s favor.

Two Bernie delegates from Kansas, who wish to stay anonymous until after the roll call is made official, report a Pennsylvania woman with delegate credentials that were given to her by her father–her father is a delegate, she is not. She is therefore fraudulently using these credentials to vote. I am unsure, but I believe that the father is a Hillary delegate.

At the official end of rollcall, it was planned to confront that person, with these two delegates’ help. Unfortunately the #DNCWalkout occurred at that time, so the follow up never happened.

“When you do a voice vote, there are roughly 20, 25,000 people in the building. You’ve got ushers, you’ve got vendors, you’ve got everybody else. So how are the 5,000 delegates that are on the floor able to accurately be counted?”

Jeff: “And you have 1,900 Bernie delegates.”

Kansas delegate: “Correct. So even if we wanted to oppose a particular motion, how are we able to accurately do that, when we’re supposed to be going up against 2,300 other delegates, but when we’re actually going up against at least 15,000 other people?”

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