Nuisance: Wed 7/27: NJ delegate 20 feet away from Bernie Sanders during roll-call, describes what happened to trigger the #DNCWalkout.

Richard MacFarlane, NJ Bernie Sanders delegate from North Jersey. A Berniecrat for congress that ran unsuccessfully in the primary.

1:00: “Vermont is seated right next to NJ”

1:25: “When it reached Vermont, they said ‘pass’.”

They went through the states in alphabetical order. “When it reached Vermont, they said ‘pass’.” They wanted to be the final state, but at first Richard thought it was a protest of some sort.

1:35: Gives example of what each state said when it was their turn in the roll call.

  • Brag about the state
  • Votes for Bernie
  • Votes for Hillary
  • Kept it relatively short.

2:20: Near when it made it back to Vermont again, Bernie came out. Richard could not see him, despite only twenty feet away, because of press and people.

3:45: “All the cameras were on him. The crowd was cheering Bernie.”

4:20: Didn’t hear the exact words, but after saying them, he walked straight back, up the stairs, towards the main hallway. Now he was gone.

5:15: “Everybody started walking out. And it was everybody all at once.”

“I had no prior knowledge… It didn’t really have a leadership. But they were talking about it, and they managed to do it quietly.”

6:50: “once everybody was already outside, I said, ‘Well, let’s see what they’re doing.’ It was the most interesting thing going on right then.’ ”

7:00: Jeff: “How many people got up in New Jersey?” Richard: “It seemed like all of them.”

Richard: “It seemed like all of them. [All] 48 Bernie delegates. When I left, there were a lot of people still down on the floor, walking to the stairs, using the stairs to leave.”

7:40: Richard: “It wasn’t like a few hundred people, it was a mass exit. My guess is about 1,400 people.”

“It’s took a long time to get out of the building.” Implying a large enough crowd to fill and clog the hallways.

11:00: Speculation about what happened inside the press tent: “The cops were with [those delegates in the press tent], but because there was no specific leader, it was hard to negotiate with them.”

Negotiating to get out of the building. But there were lots of interviews with the press inside the tent, but “they’ll never use it.”

15:50: Richard: “Bizarre and interesting fits this entire experience.”

18:30: “What’s new is guys like Jeff, with a mobile phone who can interview people endlessly. What’s new is social media.”

21:00: Richard: “…and then I’m probably going to have lunch.”

Jeff: “Are all Bernie delegates going to have lunch?”

Richard: “Yes. I think all Bernie delegates are going to eat lunch. That’s a good question.” Smiles.

22:25: Jeff: “I expect to see a whole lot of nothing, but that’s not the point. The point is to talk ask the people around me what they think is going on. Because that’s what matters.”

Viewer question from Jenny Smith: “What do you expect to see you today?”

Jeff: “Oh, I am here until the end. This is not fun, this is a job. You guys need to know what happens from our point of view. And we want you to know, because you were the ones that actually care about our point of view.”

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