Nuisance: Thurs 7/28: Visuals of security tent and outside of WFC. Great conversation with Hillary delegate [Timestamped highlights]

Worried that I can’t won’t be allowed to enter, because I join walk out. I did not go at all on Wednesday. The Secret Service let me in, and the person checking credentials let me in. It seems that not getting credentials from your state is how you were shut out. M

0:30: Inside the Secret Service security tent. The first thing he encountered after getting off of our state delegation buses at Broad Street, just across the street from FDR Park.

3:40: Citizen’s Bank Park, And Lincoln financial center open paren “the link”), both of which are right across the street from the Wells Fargo Center.

4:00-7:20: Walking on the outside, towards the west side of the Wells Fargo Center. I enter into what I believe is the same door through which people exited for the walkout on Tuesday night*.

Talking about how The Wells Fargo Center replaced an older stadium called The Spectrum, which is a big memory for people in Philadelphia.

5:05: Looking back at the two Secret Service security tents. One likely for those coming off of the subway, another for those getting off of the official state delegation buses.

5:30: I mention how I saw a billboard on I-95 and saw a billboard that said

Dear Hillary,

We’ve got your back.


The media

I talk about how Sam and Sam* drove me in today, and dropped me off at the Oregon subway station, exactly one stop from the AT&T station on the property of the Wells Fargo Center, which is the end of “the Orange line”. They are going to park their car north of City Hall, and then take the Orange line down to FDR Park.

7:20: brief view of The sections of media in the upper, main hallway.

8:00: I review how, at ZZZ in the second part of my D&C coverage, I unknowingly encountered Roger Ailes, who is just fired from FOXNews for sexual-harassment, And how his reporter was asking the most ridiculous, unrelated questions, such as, “What do you think about Hillary Clinton renting a private jet?”

9:45: Walking through the upper main hallway, looking for my section, Which is 110/111. Showing the entrances to sections 116/117, 115/116, 114/115, 112/113, 111/112. Also showing some tables with buttons and stickers and computers and other tchotchkes.

14:00: I find Richard in New Jersey section on the floor.

He is wearing masking tape that says #BlackLivesMatter, Saying how it is more meaningful because it is handmade, and not this corporate, pre-pressed, Pro Hillary signs that are continually being given out.

15:10: I see Kristin. She says she just got a picture with New Jersey senate president and gubernatorial candidate Steve Sweeney.

She talks about a big issue in New Jersey where pensions for 800,000 people are not being funded. If the New Jersey send it passes “SCR2”, then a question can go on to the ballot regarding this.

16:25: I got a text on the subway on my way here, that there was some protest action being taken. Kristin says some Bernie delegates were singing after the national anthem, but it wasn’t very organized and a not lot of people were involved.

She also talks about a text that she got from the Bernie Sanders campaign, about and event occurring after the closing gavel tonight, in Xfinity Live, a building within the security perimeter, but outside the Wells Fargo Center building. “To celebrate the political revolution, join fellow Bernie delegates…”

17:50: Panning through the crowd, finding my seat.

18:25: Panning the New Jersey section, with a significant number of empty seats.

19:15: I answer some viewer questions:

Are you in in? (Implying, were my credentials stripped?)

As I’m standing in the middle of the DNC floor: “I think this is pretty close to it ‘in in’. I think there’s only one more level of ‘in’ and that’s on the stage, and I don’t think I’m going to try that hard.”

Did you come so you could protest?

My style is not to protest. My style is to give those around me, who do indeed like to protest, a larger voice, by filming them and supporting them. By making sure that you out there get to see what’s going on. That you get to see the protest in the reaction to it. I don’t choose to directly get involved in protest like that. So you can decide for yourselves.

How did you get to the convention today?

I was driven in, because I wanted to get here faster. I could’ve taken an official hotel shuttle bus, but being driven to a close subway station was much faster. I happened to be with people who were driving into the city anyway.

20:35: “Can I sit anywhere, guys, entered New Jersey section? This is my state.”

It turns out that all of those empty seats are being saved. There is nowhere for me to sit in my entire state delegation section, which is explicitly supposed to have enough spaces for everyone and it’s delegation.

I end up taking a seat that is being saved, and just anticipate being kicked out of it when someone comes back. A Hillary delegate is the one that finally encourages me to sit down.

21:15: Richard: “Come on in. It’s all OK, my brother.”

Jeff: “Diane, I’m going to sit on your lap, OK?”

21:30: Hillary delegate: “come on! Come on in! Join us.” Big smile.

Jeff: “I have not felt welcomed by some people, but you have made it all better for me. I appreciate it.”

She’s from Summit New Jersey, Union County, west of Newark airport. Near Plainfield, Providence, and Short Hills. She is the chair of the Summit Democrats

23:00: I ask her what her perspective was of the walk out on Tuesday night. She was sitting near the bottom, near the New Jersey sign, and did not even realize that it happened. She was engrossed in the rollcall.

She found out about it on the bus yesterday, on Wednesday. She was going to the Constitution Center and happen to be sitting next to Liz Maratea.

24:55: Hillary delegate: “And then she shared with me how not welcome she felt as a Bernie delegate. And I said that I was sorry to hear that, because I really appreciate all that all of you did to broaden the platform.”

Liz told her how she was not allowed back in, despite not actively choosing to participate in the walk out. She was at the top in the hallway, calling her two-year-old daughter at the time. And unfortunately, all the commotion suddenly surrounding her scared her daughter into thinking that people were screaming for some reason.

26:25: Hillary delegates says that Liz did not participate in the “booing and the bad behavior that happened” against Elijah Cummings on Monday night, and that she herself did not appreciate it.

And I think it’s really rude when someone is speaking–but I totally understand the disappointment and I know that we have to get better about having dissent. How to unify.

27:00: Frustration and resentment that arguments promoting Hillary Clinton often end with “because we must unify in order to defeat Donald Trump.”

She talks genuinely about appreciating parts of Bernie Sanders platform and his supporters. She ends by saying, “But in the end, we have got to come together for the Democratic Party to be Trump.”


Not to disparage anything that you just said. Because I’m actually very grateful for much of what you just said. I’ve basically being an open minded person who disagrees with us… But the argument often ends with, “Because we must come together as a party to defeat Donald Trump.

I really wish we were in an election where we could come together to vote for someone. And to have to come together out of fear is something that really turns us off. It’s the difference between, “Earn our vote and we will give it to you,” as opposed to, “Give us your vote or we will threaten you with Trump.” …

[30:10] My advice to Hillary supporters, is if you want to come together on what unifies us, then stop telling us that we have to come together to defeat Donald Trump.

31: Discussion on the nature of protest, and how Elijah Cummings, in a private conversation on Tuesday (he did not want me to Record him) told me just how angry he was at Bernie supporters for booing him.

The act of a protest is almost by definition, rude and inappropriate. But it is the job of who is being protested against to understand the reason, The motivation, behind that rude and inappropriate act.

(If you protest the protest you are missing the point.)

But as someone who I believe played a significant part in the African-American struggle, I would think he more than others should understand this concept. But in the moment that I was talking to him, I got the impression that the rudeness and inappropriateness was more important to him then the message behind it.

I then compare this to how Bernie supporters have been complaining throughout this entire election and have not been listened to, so here at the DNC were upping our game, such as by billing Elijah Cummings, and now we are being told that the rude Ness of our protest is by far more important than the motivation and the message behind it.

Hillary delegate: “With newness comes some inability to hear. With some experience comes an inpatience, And the forgetting that we need to teach.”

Jeff: “That you were new at one time.”

36:10: We talk about getting involved and running for office and Brand New Congress. Talk about running with Bernie in New Jersey as surrogate, she talks about her failed campaign 2011, but that it was a great experience, and now she is chair of the Summit Democrats, Which is an unelected position

39:40: She talks about how she was appointed to school board, which is unusual to her part of the state of New Jersey. She was on it for six years, and was president for one year.

She was elected as chair of the committee in June of 2015.

We discuss the false dichotomy that our government gives us, to either fundraise, or connect with your constituents.

48:30: A Hillary supporter, Millie, sitting in front of me, asks me “Did I miss something?”

She heard me reading a few minutes ago the texts trying to organize Bernie supporters into doing another walk out, which I’m not interested in participating in. She misstook it as instructions for all people, by the Democratic Party/DNC itself.

It takes a minute for us to figure out this misunderstanding. I don’t tell her the specifics, because I joke that she is “the enemy”. She doesn’t appreciate that.

She talks about how she herself was disrespected by some Bernie supporters, although does not want to go into specifics, and that if we’re going to unify that need to be more sensitive about our language, even if it is just joking.


You know, I think it’s unfortunate for going to talk about each other as “the enemy.” … when you lead with, “the enemy, air quotes”, it sort of sends a message, it almost sets up a barrier that I don’t think should exist. Because I think there are a lot more people here that are open and want to have a conversation. And want to figure out how we actually make sure that the issues that we all care about our front and center. And that only happens when there’s openings on both sides.

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