Kerith Strano-Taylor speaking to Pittsburgth WPXI TV, after giving speech to Bernie Sanders supporters at FDR Park

A few minutes previous, Kerith gave this speech to Bernie Sanders supporters at FDR Park, on the mainstage. Afterwards, behind the stage, she is approached and interviewed by Pittsburgh’s WPXI TV.

These folks are really excited about the idea of a progressive getting elected to Congress. And it’s not just me, there’s 30 others across the United States that are running. I realize I have the opportunity to maybe connect this fervor with people who could really use their help and who could really get some people into Congress.

Will she support Hillary?

The choice for me is no longer between Bernie and Hillary. The choice is now between Hillary and Trump. Trump frightens me. Hillary was not my choice. But what I see under Trump as president is frightening. I have two children that he frightens. He says things that scares them.

So that’s not a choice for me. Some are going third-party but I keep seeing Brexit. A lot of people thought the vote wouldn’t matter in Brexit, and we saw the consequence. So that’s not my direction, but it might be others and I respect their right to make their choice.

What about the people here in the park?

I think we have people caring about their politics in a way that they haven’t what about in years. And if we were smart as Democrats, we would embrace this power and say how can we build into the future? Instead of putting up walls and barriers. They don’t want to have that conversation, and I don’t want to be to their peril. And when I say ‘their’, I’m a Democrat it makes me very nervous for future. Because if this goes off on the wrong way, we could have a present Trump.

According to the reporter, this was broadcast that same night at 11 PM, but I cannot find it on their website. We realize that we cannot go back to the DNC, since Obama is about to speak.

So I can hang out and be in my bare feet for the rest of the damn night.

Jeff: “And we can talk to real people.”

We meet six people who want to talk to Kerith and have her business card. She sits in the grass and talks with them for an hour-and-a-half.

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