PA-5 Democratic congressional candidate Kerith Strano-Taylor addresses Bernie Sanders supporters at FDR Park during the DNC

Kerith addresses Bernie Sanders supporters on the mainstage at FDR Park, during the Democratic National Convention. For more information on Kerith, here is a great introduction video, and her official website. As promised by Kerith at the end of this video, here is a list of Berniecrats around the country.

This speech comes from this longer video.

Do you guys want something to do after tomorrow? There are 30 Berniecrats running for Congress that could flip the face of Congress this year. I ran for Congress in 2014 and I followed the Democratic line. You know what they told me? Raise money first. The viability of a candidate in the Democratic Party is determined by how much money you raise. It has nothing to do with whether you’d be a confident legislator in our seat of government.

[My name] is Kerith Strano-Taylor. I’m running for Congress in Pennsylvania’s fifth district. My district covers 24% of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It is rural and it is poor. We are suffering under the economy that our party has given us, with the help of a Republican gridlocked Congress for six years.

We can beat this, but nothing will change if we don’t give Bernie some people to work with in Congress! This morning in my Democratic breakfast, I was ready to be done! This process grinds candidates who believe in the progressive movement into the dust.

I went to Democracy for America’s training and I met Jeff Epstein who said, ‘Holy shit! You’re running for Congress!’ And I gotta tell you, It is the best I’ve felt about trying to take a seat in the People’s House in over three years.

There are a lot of people that are running to agree with you. They need your help. You need to find them and help send them to Washington to stop Hillary or trump. It doesn’t matter who takes the White House, they’re going to need our help.

Thank you for standing strong for Bernie Sanders. And for standing strong for America. Thank you.

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