Nuisance: Wed 7/27: A Hillary delegate’s perspective of the the #DNCWalkout. [Timestamped highlights]

Councilman Kwanzaa Hall from Atlanta, and friend of Killer Mike, while traveling on the subway.

Highlights from this video

0: Bernie delegates are feeling disenfranchised by the Hillary campaign and by the Democratic Party

He states it wasn’t totally appropriate that Bernie people cheered in the middle of speakers, but,

come on, this is the Super Bowl of politics… You’ve never been heckled? … Sorry y’all, that means you haven’t done enough to reach out.

If you haven’t reached out to people and they feel like you don’t give a shit, that’s what you get! It’s on you. The onus is on the person who is trying to lead.

3:55: His perspective of the walkout: “It’s all fair in politics.”

The fact that some people walked out and they didn’t want to be a part of the process at that moment? It means you’re supposed to go out and ask them, ‘Hey, Can we have another conversation?’

The folks who are on the winner side or the ones that need to reach out.

5:05: Discussing the booing of Elijah Cummings on Monday night.

He thought it was unfortunate, but not directed to him, and the scheduling of the speakers enabled.

I, Jeff, spoke to Mr. Cummings off the record on Tuesday, and he was viscerally, visibly angry. I found it surprising that someone so involved in the African-American struggle was unable to see the motivations behind it, and was only taking it personally. I understand he gradually responded on the record with respect towards the protesters.

7:30: Kerith talks about how the term “white privilege” makes no sense in her district, which is primarily white and poor.

9:20: Michelle brings up Hillary Clinton’s struggles with authenticity.

11:30: Kerith: Some of Trunp’s supporters think he’s authentic.

One thing Trump was successful with, that Bernie was not, was that Trump won despite the establishment not wanting him.

3:15: Councilman: “He needed to pivot that because of the reality of this business.”

He is framing Bernie Sanders stump speech as “narrative” as opposed to realistic/actual policy. But with Bernie Sanders, those two things are one of the same.

Jeff: “How do you pivot when your word is your bond?”

He answers, but the true answer, in my opinion, is that you don’t. When your word is your bond you don’t pivot. You change your words the first time, so pivoting is not necessary. “Pivot” is a pretty and gentle word for lie and mislead.

15:30: Kerith makes the point that Bernie was getting so many new voters, that he should’ve focused less on persuadable voters. Kwanzaa agrees.

As we approach the station in the end of the video, I ask him his name again. He says he’s a city councilman in district 2 in Atlanta Georgia.

Jeff: “And you’re in Killer Mike’s district right?” Kwanzaa: “No, Killer Mike is in mine.” Smirks.

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