Nuisance: Wed 7/27: Lunch with Kerith Strano-Taylor. [Timestamped highlights]

I met Kerith about an hour ago, when we all attended a working family party conference on “continuing the revolution”, and we are now all making our way to the DNC together. First we stop for lunch. On the way, I teach Kerith how easy it is to livestream (“That’s it?!”), and ask if I can keep the camera on her so her constituents can hear her talk about…anything. And because it is a livestream, they can ask questions.

We arrive and I start the livestream, Kerith uses her phone to share it to a couple of her pages (watching me with a 15 second delay, from right across the table), and we begin. The lighting on Kerith is terrible for the first few minutes, but greatly improves after we switch sides at the six minute mark.

Highlights from this video

8:45: Jeff: “I might as well show you my lunch. That’s what social media is all about right?

9:10: Kerith wants the camera off of her so she can take a bite to eat. Michelle: “Hello my name is Michelle, and today I’ll be playing the part of Kerith.”

They talk in depth about charter schools. How their only benefit is making rich people richer. Michelle and Kerith are both on their local school boards.

15:00: Kerith reviews how her current Republican congressman believes that the lessons of charter schools should be brought to public schools…meaning that unions should be dismantled.

17:00: Charter schools get their money before public schools do, because only they have the right to sue.

18:30-25:20: Discussion of the idea of arming teachers: Kerith: “I’m a good shot, I like to shoot. But I don’t think I would be nearly as a good shot if I was being shot at. Let alone a whole bunch of babies between me and the target.”

No insurance company will grant policies to the schools that choose to do this.

24:15: Michelle: “We are resigned to so many things that we shouldn’t be resigning too. Like Bernie says, ‘Never lose your sense of outrage.'”

Jeff: “Are we allowed to have any sense of outrage at the DNC? No. Because that implies that there is a reason to have our age, and they can’t go there. They don’t want to go there.”

26:30: Kerith: “Trump believes that the country is broken and can’t get any worse. Bernie believes it’s is broken and that it can only get better. Hillary doesn’t believe that the country is broken.”

29:55: Kerith’s view on guns, as asked by a viewer.

32:55: Why Kerith likes guns.

She has no gun at home. But my neighbor “is well enough armed that, so at the zombie apocalypse, he can take care of me and my family.”

34:00: Discussion of the concept of taking a single incident of a crime, and expanding it into a law against all people, resulting in a more nefarious purpose. Such as voter ID laws preventing people to vote or with purchasing firearms.

42:15 Kerith’s friend and campaign volunteer, Jen. They met when Kerith represented her child’s father in court. According to Jen, Kerith was declared child advocate of the year.

46:30: Jen: “It’s not how well you can help people, it’s how good you can get a speech, how are you can raise money, how much you vote with your party.”

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