Nuisance: Wed 7/27: After FDR Park, I return to Broad and Pattison and witness #DNCGateBreach. [Timestamped highlights]

0: Michelle: Our supporters “did some Amazing things to get here. They made me feel a little bit shamed for wanting to go [home]… I don’t know what I’ll be doing, but I’m staying.”

She was not going to return the DNC, Her stuff is already packed, but after listening to the supporters and FDR Park, she has changed her mind.

1:30: Jeff: “We are slowly working our way back to the hotel, but I can’t fucking resist doing this [livestreaming] again.”

Sign: “The police killed Jesus.”

150 police are lining the streets on the other side of the gate. In the middle of the road, with some horse mounted police in the shadows behind them.

2:40: A man in the street: “They’re out there to look intimidating to everybody else.”

“I don’t see tension. I see a bunch of uniformed officers doing their job… They’re out there to look intimidating to everybody else.”

Regarding the security gates:

I do think this is a bit draconian. To have it so far away from the actual event. It’s still a five/ten minute walk to the actual building…

It’s a peaceful event

At 5:26 exactly, he says “It’s a peaceful event”. But as he continues, his focus and his words start to drift to the action occurring behind him.

At 5:31 exactly: Jeff: “Whoa! Oh my gosh. They broke open the gate.”

Partially open towards protesters (by police) full-res

Fully open towards protesters full-res

Later, closed again full-res

The helicopters are suddenly closer.

7:29: Bicycle cops start lining the inside of the gate.

7:44: Jeff: “And there’s a whole flood of policemen coming down the road.”

400-800 more policeman quickly enter the area on the opposite side of the gate, from the Wells Fargo Center. Difficult to capture in still pictures, but easy to see in the video.

100-200 officers now on the supporter side. 2/3 on foot, rest on bicycle.

11:27: Cops: “Step forward!”

Bicycle cops used as a barrier to create space between the supporters and the gate, so it can be fixed.

11:50: A mother and her 12-year-old son talk to me about what they think happened.

They briefly lost each other.



15:55: Boy: “I feel embarrassed for not being able to answer that question.”

Regarding my asking why he’s here.

Jeff: “Okay, I’ll tell you why you’re here…”

18:30: Jeff: “It’s brave of you to bring a child to this intense of a thing…”

19:40: Mother: “Your individual vote does not seem to make a difference.”

“You don’t have any say at what’s going on, at all… It just doesn’t make a difference. You really don’t make a difference.”

She keeps talking as a man in an red Anonymous mask gently picks up her arm and writes on her forearm in permanent ink: “Yes it does.”




Mother: “I’m 20 years older than you I know what the hell I’m talking about.”

He picks up the boy’s arm, and writes “It’s all rigged.”

20:50: “It’s going to kill me to vote… My father once told me ‘It’s a choice between bad and worse.'”

22:40: Jeff: At least we can continue the fight. “And he is the one that’s going to help us fight.”

23:50: Mother: “If I can’t feel safe bringing my child to an event where there are literally the entire Philadelphia police department, and then some, where else can you bring your kid?”

You didn’t vote for Bernie Sanders?!

25:15: Billy is on an electrical “stump”.



25:44: Eric Beechwood reports what happened, And what he feels the cops reaction to this incident was.

Jeff: “So the cops were strong but acted appropriately.”

27:45: Billy Taylor, Founder and Executive Director of Philly.FYI, gives his perspective of what happened.

We are in the middle of a very peaceful demonstration and there’s a select few individuals that want to burn a flag and make us all look bad. There’s approximately 3 to 5 of them with masks on…which is a shame, because you have thousands of people here right now. But that is what is going to be shown on the fucking news…

32:30: I see Jamhar and update him.

35:40: Protester with beard: “they were holding the bolt cutters low. They were rusty and red… [Some of them] started throwing water balloons” as a decoy.

37:00: Closeup of the spot on the gate where the breach occurred. There is now a heavy duty chain holding the two gate sections together. The chain that was cut was much smaller.

38:30: Beard: “I’d say 99%–go figure–were peaceful.” The cops reaction was “100% professional… This is like ridiculously peaceful.”

40:20: Woman standing directly at the spot where the breach happened, as it happened: The police response was “Meh. Meh. Very meh. They were hitting people over here… There is a little 90 pound girl.”

My interpretation, which Beard agrees with, is that those standing exactly in the spot where the cops needed to be, directly at the gate, were indeed roughed up a little bit, as they tried to clear the area. It was inevitable that there was going to be some roughness in the immediate vicinity.

41:20: A heated exchange with Brian from FDR Park

(Go to full article on Brian. The entire dialogue is below.)


They’re [the police are] not interested in quelling the violent ones, they’re interested in beating the front line when they get the chance…

When the [Police came in on their bikes], they pushed on us right?

Beard and me: “Yeah?”

Brian: “And then a cop goes to a guy, ‘Take your fucking bandanna [mask] off’.”

Beard: “Yeah!”

Brian: “And then he says, ‘Step the fuck back.’ And he’s like, ‘I’m being fucking peaceful.'”

Jeff: “He said, ‘I’m being fucking peaceful’?”

Brian: “Yeah.”

Jeff: “Well that’s not very fucking peaceful.”

Beard: “But he had a mask on right?”

Jeff: “If you say, ‘I’m being fucking peaceful’, That’s not so peaceful.”

Brian: “Well after cops fucking rush and throw people around in the front…”

Jeff: “But why did they rush?!”

Woman: “Whose side you on, bro?”

Jeff: “What side am I on?!”

Beard: “He’s a Bernie delegate!”


I’m a Bernie delegate. But there are two sides two every story. There are two sides to every story. And to talk about their side doesn’t make me a traitor. If you want to call me a traitor by suggesting that I’m not–

Woman: “I’m not saying you’re a traitor. You’re saying he wasn’t being peaceful because he wasn’t saying it right.”

43:45: Brian:

So no matter what response, it would’ve been right for the cops? What if the cops started pushing us all the way towards the highway. People are just going to stand there and let us? […] You’re just saying any response is okay?

44:04 Jeff: “I must say. [We had a long conversation at the park], and I’m sensing–I sensed over there, and I sense over here–pessimism about them.”

Brian: “You weren’t here on the front line.”

Jeff: “I’m acknowledging that I wasn’t. But the reports that I’ve seen so far are that they were strong but appropriate. And what you seem to be suggesting is that they were threatening violence against peaceful protesters. And I haven’t seen any evidence of that yet.”

46:00: Brian:

You weren’t on the front lines. You didn’t see what I fucking saw. [After telling the person to take off his bandanna and step back], and then the fucking cop gives him the fucking, the most disgusting fucking smirk I ever heard of in my fucking life…

The point is to go through the wall. We were talking about going to the wall before. We shouldn’t be met with the fucking army, to go through three walls. What is this a fucking police state? This is a fucking police state.

Jeff, referring to tonight only: “This is a police state.”

Brian: “Two fucking fences. A fucking army of police.”

Beard: “You have a president in there.”

Brian: “After what happened? After our government rigged an entire election.”

46:55: A new man joins the conversation: “So when you get into the DNC and you break past the cops, what do you want to do?”

Brian: “Fucking…protest inside.”

Damn. I short-circuited that discussion. The new person exposed something important in Brian, and I stopped them before they could flesh it out.

51:00: A funny misunderstanding about the words “inanimate” and its opposite, “an animate”.

51:35: Brian: “Our presence is not violence.”

53:00: Things gradually get much louder and aggressive sounding. Bernie supporters are being told to go into FDR Park.

54:15: The man from DNC Action Committee, Shouting into a megaphone: “Bernie Sanders called for a mass movement of millions! This system is broken! The system is rigged! … That mass movement is right here in the streets of Philadelphia, where this sham democracy was founded!…

Bernie Sanders got arrested change himself to another [unintelligible]. Bernie Sanders knew that it took direct action to influence our corrupt legislators to do what they need to do for the American people! That many are sitting out here today doing what we need to do, to affect changes to this rigged corporatocracy!”

56:00: At least two people are chanting “Bernie supporters! Back to the park!”

One of them, with a black bandanna mask on:

We’re trying to separate from this other anarchist group, that came in and is being shady… They threw stuff over the fence, they instigated the police coming in and attacking us, and they lit something on fire. None of that was our people. There’s a group with a megaphone and they’re trying to riot [rile] up their people… We’re trying to separate our people out so we don’t look like the bad guys.

57:30: Another woman reports that these people yesterday tried to breach or climb the gate, resulting in a bunch of people around them being maced. “They were carrying metal PVC [sic] pipes last night, trying to instigate the police.”

1:03:55: Damian Green From Baltimore, Clasping his hands together around his water bottle in a pray symbol: “Thank you guys [delegates] so much. I just literally want it peaceful. That’s all.”

Woman in Anonymous mask holding a Bernie head sign. She seems to be a peaceful protest are not involved with the more aggressive group.

1:08:00: Jeff: “I’m going to tell you my personal opinion is I think the mask is…threatening.”

1:09:45: People in full black, including covering their faces.

1:00:50: Izariah, African-American woman from Olney Section of far North Philadelphia, near LaSalle, is upset at how the press has been recording them every day, but not using that coverage on their stations going to websites.

1:11:30: Woman 2:

Wow. Big big shocker. It sounds like the whole Bernie campaign, right? Oh, I can’t believe it, they’re not showing the people who turned out from across the country to be upset that our Non–divisive candidate that people from both sides were rallying against [that she mean for?], Denied? Woh!

1:12:00: The woman in the anonymous mask, from before, but not in the mask this time: “I just wanted to let you know that I’m not afraid to take my mask off.

These people don’t see us as individuals, they see is dollar signs. And that’s why I wear the mask.”

She’s not a part of any group. She’s just there by herself. She’s from Massachusetts, And used her vacation time to be here.

1:15:00: Woman 2: “The anarchist people don’t usually have the Bernie bling flashing.”

1:20:00: Woman 3, self-described mixed (black and white): “We love our country, we hate our government.” That’s the message were trying to send to the media.

1:23:30: Izariah: “If you’re going to be an anarchist, if you’re going to do what you’re going to do, take the mask off. Show your face. If you’re going to do it, go balls to the wall… If they’re going to do it, make it mean something.”

They’re teasing the violence. Either do it or don’t do it. Don’t hide behind the masks, and don’t get other people involved.

She’s from Philly. “Philly cops are really cool people. They actually talk to people on the street.”

1:29:30: She thinks they handled the gate breach “very well actually.”

1:32:25: What does she want to say to our 40 viewers? I

want people to understand that literally Black Lives Matter is something that’s peaceful. It’s not meant to be taken as something where people want to invoke violence. We just want to be purred and we just want to have, you know, recognition about these cops. These bad cops, shooting, you know, innocent people for no reason. We just want to be able to take this to a bigger platform without being crucified every time… Treat all lives with respect when it comes to police brutality. No one should have to die at the hands of people who we call on to protect us.

1:37:15: Sign: “19-year-old against globalism.”

1:37:30: Woman on megaphone: If you woke up black, you would shit your pants. If you woke up black, you wouldn’t leave your house.”

1:38:15: Sign: “America is a cancer.”

1:41:40: A man and a woman in bandanna masks. What are they going to do November? The woman: “It’s hard to say. For me, I’m considering Jill.” The man: “Absolutely. I can’t vote for Hillary, and I can’t vote for Trump.”

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