Nuisance: Thurs 7/28: Walking around DNC stage, kicked out while trying to find seat

0-2:15: Walking on the floor directly next to the DNC stage, in the Pennsylvania section. Pennsylvania is the host of the convention, and therefore closest to the stage.

I encounter Jim Gardner, the lead anchor of Philadelphia is ABC6 station, who I grew up with. I also see Melissa Robbins, who is one of my primary Pennsylvania contacts in the Bernie campaign.

4:05: At the edge of the actual floor, Behind Pennsylvania and in front of, and just to the left of New Jersey, is set ups for three major news networks, with fancy solid glass tables and someone. I see Chris Matthews.

4:58: I see Wolf Blitzer and Jake Tapper at the scene and set up. I sarcastically praise them all.

5:10: Jeff: “OK, I’m getting tired and punchy and sarcastic… And I’m not looking forward to the speeches. But this is my job.

5:36: A good view down a sub-hallway, used by DNC staff only. Also looking up at one of the lower diagonal levels of people sitting, including the state of Vermont. New Jersey is just to the left of the camera.

6:05: I reach the bottom of the New Jersey section. I do not see any seats. Speculation is that there are many seat fillers now.

735: I see some guy who, from the back, looks just like Bernie Sanders. Sitting in when I guess to be the back of the Pennsylvania section. Can’t be him.

8:55: Kristen mouth’s, “I’m tired.” I agree.

Kristen: “I said I’m tired, and I’m kind of bored.”

Jeff: “Kind of?”

Kristin: “Very.”

I sit down in the stairwell next to Kristen, and realize just how tired I am.

9:30: I receive a text “Our campaign would greatly appreciate if you would extend the same respect during Secretary Clinton speech…”

10:00: I show the ceiling with all of the balloons ready to fall tonight.

I get kicked out.

There are no seats in New Jersey, although their most certainly are supposed to be for all delegates. So who is picking up those seats?

10:10: A security guard: “Excuse me. You need to get up and go. You can’t sit on the steps.”

I go to see that as being saved for another delegate. “So I’ll get up when they come back.”

12:45: Someone is passing out officially sanctioned signs, and is trying to have the colors evenly distributed. Having certain people pass certain colors in different directions.

A DNC worker: “We’re trying to mix them up.”

14:20: I’m on the stairs again. No seats.

14:45: Security guard: “Do you have a seat here?

“I’m in New Jersey delegate.”

“I didn’t say you weren’t. Do you have a seat here?”

“I don’t know where–”

“Do you have a seat here?”

“Can you just talk to me?”

“Can you just answer the question I’m asking you?”

“I’m looking for a seat!”

“There’s no seats here. Come on! You can’t stand here and block the aisle.”

“I don’t know where to sit in my own state.”

“If you don’t have a seat–”

“I am looking for a seat–”

“Come on. Come on.”

He starts to push me up the stairs.

“I am looking for a seat–”

“Come on. Come on.”

“Is this free? Where can I sit?”

Continuing to push me: “I have no idea. I have no idea.”

“How can I find a seat if you’re not even going to let me–”

“Right now you can’t. Because they are trying to do a program and they need the aisle clear. I’ve asked you three times, can you–I asked you nicely three times. That’s why am getting–”

“No I don’t think you–”

“Thank you. You’re taking it personally.”

I give up and walk up the stairs.

16:25: Kristen is up in the hallway, and saw what happened. She sympathizes but says he’s just doing his job. I’m not sitting regularly in a spot so I am making it more difficult to find a seat.

Jeff: “He is doing his job. He’s just being an asshole while he’s doing his job. This is the state of New Jersey, and you would think that they would have space for their own delegates.”

17:55: I thank the viewers for sticking with me, despite not being in a position at the moment to be able to share anything significant.

I walk through the hallways.

18:50: “I’m just biding time until Chelsea and Hillary speak. And I’m not that excited to hear Chelsea and Hillary speak.”

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