Thoughts on Bernie’s nomination of (not concession to!) Hillary Clinton 

I don’t feel betrayed. Sad, but aside from the timing promise, that he’d take it all the way to the convention, this is really nothing surprising. I did not feel that any supporters were thrown under the bus, as he did not urge anyone to vote for her (that seems unusual for presidential politics).

Nor do I feel he was effusively praising of Hillary Clinton. For example, he said she is “a fierce advocate for children’s issues”, not “a fierce advocate for the middle class and working families.” And although he said she “believes in a living wage”, for the first time he did not add “$15 an hour” to it. Yes, he said she would “make a fabulous president”, and that’s bullshit, but come on, it’s an endorsement.

(I also think there was an element of fear from the Democratic Party, of there being a truly huge demonstration with a whole bunch of angry people outside of the convention. Now there will clearly be less. Perhaps not a lot less, but we shall see.)

Bernie Sanders gave us this revolution as a gift. We always knew that we would have to carry it on without him at some point. He’s been holding our hands for a year, and it’s time to start letting us go. He will always be the symbol behind this revolution. He opened our eyes and educated us to what’s really going on. He repeated his stump speech incessantly so we could learn it inside and out. He taught us to fish.

I would love to have the perfect politician in the White House, but even more, I want to have millions of future politicians that will carry on his message in the long term.

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