Feeling pretty upset at my fellow delegate candidate Jay Lassiter

From the Politicker NJ article Politics so Filthy, written by my own fellow delegate-candidate, Jay Lasseter:

…we all know that politics aint beanbag, but John Wisniewski’s decision to bracket Bernie on the ballot with incompetent, absentee Democrats was bad for the Sanders campaign and his supporters and his delegates. The candidates he chose didn’t lift a finger to get any votes.

I worked every day out of the Pemberton campaign office, for every single vote. My partner Michael Miller worked for every single vote, despite having a full-time job. And even if some did indeed choose to be a candidate in name only, labeling them as incompetent is mean spirited and unfair. Not to mention all of the supporters who helped us along the way. Real people, not the establishment.

In fact, I can’t think of anything more against the spirit of this campaign, than being a Bernie Sanders delegate who bad mouths your fellow supporters. Negative campaigning is for the other guys, not us. And certainly not against ourselves!

Comments from this post, as originally on Facebook:

Rebuttle article from Bert, above.

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