The Democratic Party just called me for a donation. Wish I recorded it.

Denise: Hello my name is Denise. May I speak with a Mr. Jeffrey Epstein please?

Me: This is he.

Denise: Well hello, Mr. Epstein, And how are you this evening?

Me: I’m good, how are you?

Denise: Very well, thank you. I am calling you tonight from the Democratic National Committee. I’d wanted to let you know that we’re recording our call for quality assurance purposes.

As you may know the Associated Press today has declared that Donald Trump has reached the necessary amount of delegates to clinch the Republican nomination. I’m sure that I don’t have to tell you just how much of a nightmare a President Trump would be for our country.

In order to ensure that Donald Trump does not get into the White House, we need to elect Hillary Clinton. In addition, we also need to elect as many Democrats into the Congress as possible. I’m calling you today to see if you could help us reach our goal by donating $216 to help elect Democratic candidates throughout the country, in order to stop the Republican takeover of our government. Can we count on you for a donation of $216, Mr. Epstein?

Me: And this is directly to the Democratic Party?

Denise: Yes.

Me: No way in hell.

Denise: Excuse me sir?

Me: There is no way that I am donating anything to the Democratic Party.

Denise: May I ask why?

Me: Well this is nothing personal to you. Because of the way that the Democratic Party has treated Bernie Sanders and his voters in this election.

Denise: But sir you realize how important it is to prevent Republicans from taking over Congress?

Me: I do. I am not donating anything to the Democratic Party.

Denise: So you’re registered as a Republican sir?

Me: Oh no. I’m a Democrat. But I am a Bernie Sanders Democrat. I support the Democratic Party that we deserve, not the one we currently have.

Denise: [Stumbles a bit] Okay. Thank you Mr. Epstein. Have a nice night.

Me: You too. Good night.

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