This my friend Jessica Foley

Jessica and I met on an eleven hour road trip to South Carolina, along with Cody Reisig and Julian Alexander. We knocked on doors together for five days. It was a magical trip.

Although she may not be able to recite the ins and outs of every single one of Bernie Sanders policies, Jessica captures the essence and the emotion of this campaign like no one else I’ve met. It is easier to talk to strangers about Bernie Sanders when she is around, because just her presence makes people comfortable. She has a disarming personality.

How good is she? The campaign hired her to canvass in West and North Philadelphia over the past weekend. The one and only Cornel West, after hearing her life story, told an audience of 200 that he found Jessica to be “eloquent”.

How dedicated is she? After driving 11 hours back from South Carolina, she drove to Colorado to knock on doors with Cody. And a few weeks ago she came to my home town to knock on doors for *me*.

But best of all, now that her state of Pennsylvania is just about done voting, we here in New Jersey get to have her all to ourselves.

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